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There are 3 essential monopod accessories you should know about right away. Then there are the other monopod gadgets that aren't as obvious. This post gives you a review of the 7 add-ons for your camera monopod and the advantages and disadvantages of using them for your photography.

Monopod with feetCamera + Ball Head + Monopod Feet

The list of the 3 most best accessories for your camera monopod is as follows:


The monopod head is the most important accessory needed to get the most out of your monopod
2. MONOPOD FEET Adding feet to your monopod adds to its versatility
3. MONOPOD STRAP Whether it's a wrist strap or a shoulder strap, either will give you a more secrue and comfortable way to carry your monopod

You can see that these three accessories provide you the highest value to get the most out of your monopod, have a more enjoyable experience, as well as get to use your monopod for many years to come. If you had to narrow down and pick just one accessory, it would have to be a good monopod head.

1. The one Must-Have Monopod Accessory

The one accessory for your monopod that you should consider as a must have an appropriately sized  ball head.  This is a picture on the right of the RocketFish Ball Head that I use on one of monopods. It's small but it functions just fine for light loads.

When cameras are mounted directly on top of a monopod without a head attached, you limit you ability to shoot upward or downward without significantly leaning your monopod forward or backward.

Also without any way to rotate  your camera to a vertical orientation you are stuck shooting all your pictures as horizontal.    Here's a 60 second video that shows you exactly what I mean.

With a tripod I prefer a pistol grip ball head.  Pistol grip ball head's best feature is the ability to adjust your camera position extremely quickly.  

This would be a big advantage to have with sports and wildlife photography where the action is fast.

Camera monopods are often overlooked as possible options to add to your photography equipment collection. The three most popular accessories for monopods are monopod heads, monopod feet, and monopod straps. Of these three add-ons, a good ball head is the most important.

2. pistoL grip ball head for camera monopods

One of the interesting styles of ball heads is a spring loaded pistol grip monopod head. For the quickest one-hand, adjustments of the angle you want to use between your camera and monopod, pistol grip monopod heads work fast. The heavy duty ones can even handle your camera with a big lens attached.

Pistol Grip Ball Head

Pistol grip ball heads come in several different types. They are especially handy when you are shooting horizontal compositions. They are not as sturdy when your shooting vertical compositions because they position the camera even more than the traditional ball head design does.

3. Monopod feet for your monopod

Monopod feet are the second most useful accessory to attach to your monopod. They give you added stability and make it easier to use a stationary point when shooting video.

Monopod Feet

One of the best features of monopod feet is that they can fold inward to make them more compact for carrying and storage. Here's a complete post just on monopod feet.

4. Monopod Shoulder Straps

Monopod shoulder strap

Shoulder straps make it convenient for you to carry your monopod. I do like to use a shoulder straps with my tripod because my Bogen is fairly heavy and if I am walking for a distance, it takes all the weight off my arm.

A strap that takes the burden off of constantly carrying your monopod in your hand may be a welcome addition for you.

The biggest advantages of using a ball-head are its compact size and weight and its versatility.

5. Monopod Belt Pouch

Monopod Belt Pouch

You can use a monopod belt pouch to take all the weight off of your arms and transfer the burden to your hips.

Like most accessories, there are several different designs of belt pouches.

It's always a good idea to read a few reviews on Amazon first, just to get a good idea on what features are most important.

This accessory is especially valuable when you're shooting video and you need to hold the camera LCD screen out in front of your body.

6. monopod accessory kits

There are some camera accessory kits that include a lot in addition to a monopod. Some can include tripods, a monopod, cases and a remote shutter release that are an interesting consideration.

Monopod Accessories Kit

This accessory kit on the right is extremely affordable and full of goodies that include a monopod, tripod and cases for both.

Although many of the components are made of plastic and are of average quality, accessory kits like this may still be a good value because of what they include.

The most obvious accessories for monopods are carrying cases and shoulder straps.

Carrying cases can also be used for light stands and other photography lighting equipment like umbrellas.

Carrying cases also provide a bit of protection from dirt or damage to your monopod. I just personally find them unnecessary as an additional item to have to worry about.

The shoulder straps are very valuable, especially if you have a professional monopod which is substantially heavier than the light-weight models designed for point and shoot cameras.

7. professional monopod  gimbal 

Looking for a professional gimbal head for your monopod?  This head from Wimberley brings the functions of a full-sized gimbal head to your monopod with a fraction of the weight and bulk.

Professional Monopod Gimbal Head
Monopod Gimbal Head
Sideways Monopod Gimbal Head

It's a good idea keep your camera attached to your monopod if you are out on a walking photo shoot. Then you are able to get a quick photo if an opportunity arises in an instant.

Monopods that come with wrist straps are popular as well with many photographers.  Personally I have never used one. I either strap my monopod to my camera bag or use it as a walking stick.

final thoughts on monopods and their accessories

Monopods are undervalued as accessories for both still photos and videos. Monopods are good for supporting your camera and lens, giving you several benefits. They're also very valuable for shooting videos whether you are using your cell phone camera, a point and shoot, a DSLR or even a dedicated camcorder.

Is there anything more annoying than watching a video that bounces around and either causes confusion or gives you a headache or motion sickness.

Monopod accessories valuable a nice additional piece of equipment to buy if you have the funds to spend. They can assist you in improving your photography and video and they can make the whole experience more enjoyable.

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