how to choose your top monopod

Do you want to know how to choose your top monopod?

I came up with a quick answer for those of you who don't want to waste any time choosing and also a longer version, for those of you who really want to think through the process of buying just the perfect monopod for your photography. 

Koolehaoda monopod without feetTop Monopod Choice?

Although choosing camera accessories may be a serious undertaking, I wanted to provide a lighter look at this process and I had a little fun making the graphic below. Here's the quick answer.  

Start with your own reasons for using a monopod. Mix them in with the tips on Monopods on this web site and blend in the the many buyer reviews you can find at a major on-line retailer: Buyer Reviews on Monopods at Amazon.

You can use the diagram below for any camera or accessory buying choice you need to make.

Camera Equipment Decision DiagramCamera Equipment Decision Diagram

In the diagram above, I place you at the center.  After all, you matter the most when it comes to picking the best monopod to fit your situation.  Combine that in with the tips on the Digital Photography Tips site and the opinions of other photographers who have purchased a specific monopod.

That will give you the confidence in picking the right camera or accessory.

the longer answer on how to choose your top monopod

1.  what's important to you?

Will you be using your monopod for shooting video?  Then a monopod with a long handle and perhaps monopod feet would be desirable.  

If you're an outdoor adventure, you might want a monopod that doubles as a sturdy walking stick too.

If you're only using your monopod with a small point and shoot camera for your kids soccer games, then you could go with a cheap one with a standard head.

2. read some of articles on better digital photo tips

Sorry if this sounds like a self-promotion, but it's not meant to be.  There are a few dozen article about monopods on this site and I wrote them for you.  If you are interested in that you can find the links to them on this page: All About Monopods.

3. check out the reviews and opinions of other buyers

I gotta be honest with you.  It would be physically impossible for me to buy and try every monopod out there.  THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF THEM.  Here's my second confession.  I use tripods more than monopods because of the type of photography that interests me the most.

If I shot nothing but video and wildlife photography I'd be using one of my monopods almost all of the time.  There are certain portrait situations and action photo opportunities where I absolutely insist on using a monopod.

You'll get a more diversified range of opinions by reading reviews from many different photographers on any kind  of photography gear.

I buy some of my camera equipment for Adorama, but the majority of my purchases, including household, personal, and even pet products I buy from Amazon. 

Buyer Reviews on Monopods at Amazon.

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