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There is no one best digital camera on the market today.  The number of choices is staggering and can get quite confusing.  This is a great time to be interested in photography, but it also can be confusing at the same time on many different levels.

which digital camera is best

There are basic and advanced point and shoot cameras.  There are also very affordable digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras and then you have "professional" level DSLRs.  Now, hybrids (mirrorless cameras) are trying to become a dominant force in the marketplace.

To top it off, it's no longer a Canon vs. Nikon argument.  There are several digital camera manufactures that take advantage of today's camera technology and pack a lot of camera into real cheap price points. Basic point and shoot cameras have larger sensors now and if they've got a good lens attached, you have a winning combination for surprisingly good quality photographs.  Auto white balance, exposure, and focus make them a great tool for snapshots under many different photographic conditions.

I still sense a basic frustration among many photographers that they are disappointed with many of their pictures from sophisticated digital cameras.  That frustration gave rise to this web site's creation and its mission to improve photography through photographic education about techniques and equipment.

what digital photography software is best?

When I first started searching topics that would appeal to photographers seeking photography advice  I wrote about cameras, accessories, and software.  As the site progressed I realized I couldn't do it all.  I narrowed my opinions and stay away from software for the most part.

My biggest helper is

My biggest helper when investigating equipment is: Photography Equipment

Digital photography terms, definitions, and meanings can be found on the photography definitions page. Information, advice, and help is all over this website. You can research sources,  explore topics,  investigate digital photography techniques, and hunt for answers by using the search box.

Shoot more photos. Shoot better photos.

Article published by Bruce Lovelace


Bruce is the publisher of Better Digital Photo Tips. Read more on the About Page. He's been known as The Traveling Photographer ever since he started his location photography business in 1994.

View some of Bruce's photos on Instagram.   Visit the Facebook Page. Watch him on YouTube.  Bruce runs photo workshops for kids and adults, and provides one-on-one photography coaching.

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