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Use these simple photography portrait tips and your group shots will look super!

This article is going to focus on group portrait tips. If you are more interested in photography portrait tips for individuals, go here: Portrait Posing for Individuals.      Shortcut to great poses.

Generally speaking, your group posing should be done so that each individual is visually connected to another individual in your group photo. What I mean by that is this. Look at the family portrait pose below.

Group Portrait Photography Tips - Pose 1

Notice how there are no gaps between the individual family members in this family portrait. The individuals are spaced fairly evenly, at similar distances from each other, but they are connected by overlapping their bodies in the pose.

The other posing technique that is often used is to to have the pose wider at the base and narrower at the top. Some photographers refer to this as the pyramid pose.

It is not a true pyramid pose,

Tip for group posing-use a pyramid shape

but you can see that the portrait has a base that is wider at the bottom and visually supports the top of the pose.

Another group photography portrait tip is to try a pose where your subjects are interacting with each other instead of all looking at the camera.

In the group portrait below, I had done a very similar pose of these four siblings about 8 years ago. Their mother reminded me how much she still enjoyed that portrait, so we re-created the pose.

Group  portrait tip - Change where the subjects are looking

One tip to remember is to avoid the mistake of having your subjects' faces hidden from the camera's view. I instructed the older brothers to slightly turn and lift their heads so they were at least partially viewable from the camera's perspective.

Here is an instance where I did not use a pyramid pose. The third group photography portrait tip is to use geometric shapes in your family photos.

You can build your family portrait pose by using triangles. These are not equilateral triangle with equal sides, but will vary in shape and dimensions. Triangles create an opportunity for the viewers eye to move from one face to another in your pose.

Use triangles as a basis to form your group pose

Position your subjects so that there faces form triangles. You can use this portrait posing technique for groups of three or four people as well as much larger family portrait poses.

One more little tip is to pay attention to your subjects hands. It is usually a mistake to have everyone in your pose doing the same exact thing with their hands. Occasionally I will direct one or more of my subjects to change their hand position to improve the pose as well.

short cut to great posing

Portrait photography has been around a long time and there's no shortage on good ideas. Posing can't be copyrighted. Why not use a pose that already really works well?

Another source to use for interesting portraits is a book. Copy pose ideas from a good book written specifically about posing for group photos.   

This book has hundreds of samples for groups of three or more people.

"Hundreds of samples provide inspiration and are easily replicated, allowing photographers to customize the source material to meet any type of need."

Finally, here is another posing technique to use when you want to show the love and affection family members have for one another. Build your portrait so that all of their faces are quite close. This often results in great natural smiles because the family members are truly enjoying their close connection.

Keep the family closely spaced in the group pose

This family pose happened spontaneously and I was ready to capture it because my camera and flash were ready to go.

You can really feel the closeness and joy this family shares with each other.

As a professional photographer, I am always most critical of my own photography and there are always little elements of any photo to improve upon.

Yes, I could have re-positioned a few hands and perhaps tweaked the locations of my subjects a little. The bottom line is to have fun with your photography.

If you are creating family portrait poses for someone else to enjoy, remember to make it a pleasant experience for them.

These group photography portrait tips are just tips. They are not hard fast rules of photography that cannot be broken.

Following any of the digital photo tips on this web site should be a fun growth process. Digital Photography is a subjective art with a variety of opinions on the best composition tip or posing technique to use.

Happy Shooting

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