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 monopods for video, still cameras and walking sticks

Are you confused about the different camera monopods? I was too.

There are video monopods, monopods for digital cameras, walking sticks, hiking monopods and now the newest kid on the block, the selfie stick monopod? 

There are monopods that are designed for specific types of uses and then there are a few that are designed to have several uses.

This article will help you understand the different uses for each type of monopod.

There is definitely a limited opportunity to use them interchangeably with some caution and compromise.

Each has a definite intended use, but there is some overlapping versatility in certain situations. One obvious difference can be seen when we compare the monopod tips below.

The camera monopod on the bottom in the photo has the retractable round rubber tip.

In most situations for photographers the rubber tip is going to be left extended to reduce the chances of the leg slipping on the floor or the ground.

The walking stick monopod comes with a much longer and sharper point to dig into the trail while hiking. Photography monopods usually have a much thicker pole than a walking stick monopod.

camera monopods and handles

The handles are also quite different.

The grip on a walking stick is contoured to fit the hand more securely in the event that you are supporting a good portion of your body weight to maintain your balance over rugged terrain.

Traditional monopods made specifically for walking do not have a mounting screw on top to secure your camera.

You certainly can rest your camera on top of a walking stick for stability in a pinch, but you must use caution.

You can't let go of your camera or your monopod which sure makes it a real challenge to make adjustments to your camera settings, eh?

If you are walking in the woods, you may be able to use a tree to rest your camera against. Combined with monopod support underneath your camera and you have multiplied your stability.

Manfrotto 560B-1 Camera Monopod Head

Fluid heads are a more desirable option to have on video and camera tripods than just a simple mounting screw.

This adds a bit more weight to your equipment but gives you added versatility.

Hikers can walk and use camera monopods with fluid head attached but it does throw off the weight and balance. This will make it your monopod-walking stick a little top heavy.

This fluid head is compact and does not have the typical screwdriver-type of handle that gives you finer control over panning and tilting movements.

Manfrotto 678 Folding Legs as a Monopod Accessory

Many monopods that are marketed as video monopods come with the short folding "feet."

I call these pseudo tripods because of the three short legs.

They are a good compromise between a monopod and a tripod are very popular with videographers.

A big advantage to the video monopod with the 3 feet is the ability to follow side to side motion in a more even manner.

Some Monopods Have a Compass on Top as an Option to Help Find Your Way

The best monopods for the serious hiker come with an optional compass.

It is extremely convenient to have the compass screwed onto the top of your walking stick monopod.

Modern hikers are now using GPS systems to navigate their way through the woods.

Perhaps there is something about using a traditional compass when you travel through the woods that is more natural.

One final tip: Remember that camera monopods are designed to support the weight of a camera and many are not safe to use to support a good percentage of the weight of a human being.

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