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Thinking of engaging in a monopod comparison.  Here's the 3 most important thing to mull over.

1. Usage.  How are you going to use your monopod?  Are you comparing monopods because you are looking to start shooting videos or are you shooting stills of wildlife?  Many photographera are turning to the models that have monopod feet and using them for both still photos and video.

Simple vs complex monopod comparison

2.  The Head.  This is a really big one.  I got a super cheapo monopod for free with a background I purchase, and it had not head, just the camera mount screw.  It worked elaborately fine for giving me  extra stability when shooting still images of high school seniors. 

A fluid head is essential if you are shooting video unless it's simple eye-level, distance video like the sideline recording of a soccer game.

3.  The Size.  Getting a high-end $200-$300 monopod for a small point and shoot camera is a waste of your money.  If you are shooting with a DSLR, you need the extra support capacity and the rigidity of a larger monopod.

monopod comparison videos

If you been to this Digital Photography Tips site before, you know I am a big proponent of getting a variety of opinions on photography techniques, cameras and their related accessories.

I take my own 40 years of experiences with cameras, mix them in with what I learn from the technical review sites, and add the reviews of consumers from big retailers like Amazon.

You can add Amazon to the ingredients in that recipe, but with a grain of salt. Many of the Youtube videos are highly oriented to selling you products, so you have to keep that in mind when viewing them.

With that disclaimer stated, YouTube videos are a great opportunity to see a technique or a close-up and detailed view of a product that offers a different perspective than still photos.

Here are some monopod comparison videos that will give you a perspective on some specific monopod, but will also give you some ideas on what to look for in general.

Here is a list of the 5 monopods reviewed in this video:

Slik 350

Velbon UP=400Dx

Acebil MP-60V

Manfrotto 560B-1

Manfrotto 561-BHDV-1

The "King", the Manfrotto 561-BHDV-1 has actually been discontinued and the 562B-1 is the one to look at.  

WARNING:  pay close attention to the exact model numbers and letters.  It is easy to confuse models with very similar names when comparing monopods.

One of my peeves is the way camera manufactures name their cameras and some of their accessories, but that is a topic that we can explore on another day.

In the following video, three videos are mentioned, and this gentleman strongly is endorsing the Manfrotto 561, the discontinued one, but it is valuable to watch to get some idea on situations where you would want a monopod and not a tripod.

manfrotto vs benro video monopods

This discussion doesn't quite match up to the Canon vs Nikon debate, but it is still fun and worth  watching this video comparing these two monopods.

Thanks for watching and reading about monopod comparisons and keep on clicking the shutter!

Article published by Bruce Lovelace

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