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Taking Selfies.  Just about everybody is doing it.  What's the best self portrait monopod to use to take your selfie portrait?  Selfie monopods are more commonly know as Selfie Sticks.

I turn to my favorite on-line camera accessory retailer for specifics. It's got the highest customer service reputation and sells more photography equipment than anybody else.  

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You know the one, but more on that later.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right accessory for your cell phone and there are several components involved, each one important in its own way.

Bracket to hold phone for secure selfie photo

The two most important parts of the self portrait monopod are the bracket that holds your phone and the pole that extends the phone away from you. The bracket absolutely must be designed to hold your camera without the possibility of dropping.  It also must be rigid enough to prevent your camera from rotating.

best self portrait monopod for large group photos

Long Selfie Pole for Large Group Self Portraits

Strength and Length.  In order to fit everybody in the photo, you've got to increase the distance from the camera to subject to get a wide enough composition. 

Some of the cheaper monopods simply aren't long enough or strong enough when fully extended. Thinner poles don't have the rigidity to support the larger phones that are popular today, particularly when the extending tubes don't overlap significantly.

Just as with tripods and full-sized monopods, optimum sturdiness is achieved when the legs and center pole are not fully extended.

biggest complaints about selfie monopods - and advice

1. Remote trigger didn't work.  There is always the potential for communication errors when using a wireless shutter trigger due to the many formats and variations in cell phones.  Do your best to read up on the specific phones that the selfie monopod is designed for.

2. Too flimsy to hold cell phone at extended distance.  Plan on getting a selfie monopod that can extend longer than you actually need it to.  Then you can have better sturdiness by only partially extending the tubular sections.

3. Wimpy or poorly designed bracket.  Make sure the design fits your camera and that the hardware is good quality to secure your pricey phone.

are self portrait monopods really necessary ?

Of course not.  You don't absolutely need one.  Why buy one?  

  1. They are a lot of fun to use.
  2. They really are not a lot of money to buy.
  3. Self portrait monopods are easy to retract and carry.

You can find the highest rated self portrait monopods and camera extenders from many different retailers, but here's the deal. The best self portrait monopod isn't necessarily the most expensive one.  There are some very affordable choices that get good ratings.  

No matter where you shop, try reading some of the reviews on specific monopods on amazon to get a good feel on what's important to look for. Have a blast taking and sharing your own self portraits!

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