the 4 best selling monopods

What are the best selling monopods? This article will tell you and also, more importantly, help you figure which one is the best monopod for you?

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lowest priced - top selling monopods

Looking for an affordable monopod? Many beginning and hobbyist photographers are shooting with point and shoot cameras and don't have a huge budget for lots of extra camera accessories.

Both the Dolica WT-1003 and the Amazon Basics 67 inch monopods are priced at less than $20 and have received a majority of positive reviews.

These are light-duty tools, made economically, but still quite functional when used and cared for properly.  I have the Amazon basics monopod, that I received along with a portrait backdrop, and it serves me well.  

Close-up of Plastic Monopod Mounting Ring

The only caution I have is that you must not over-tighten the plastic ring on the top of these types of monopods.

If the metal mount screw breaks it's mooring within the plastic ring, you've got a major issue on your hands, trying to remove the monopod from your camera.

I've been reviewing monopods for several years now.  Monopods are not known as one of the most popular mainstream camera accessories, but they are very useful in certain situations.  I am still amazed at how many different monopods there are and how many are purchased. 

Readers of this blog have purchased the Sirui P-326, shown at the beginning of this article, more than any other single monopod.  They've also and have purchased one of the several different models of the Manfrotto monopods more than any other brand.

I did some research to find the most popular selling monopods on Amazon and the results were not too surprising.  In today's society selfies sticks are the biggest type of monopod people are buying and they are outselling the traditional camera monopod by a landslide.

higher priced - highest rated monopod


The Sirui P-326 is one of the highest rated products of any kind you'll ever find.  When 90% of buyers give a product a 5-star rating, you know it's a pretty impressive product.  The Sirui is extremely well designed and made and it's much higher price tag shows that.

most popular selfie monopod


Because the selfie photo has become so popular, I did some research on this one too and found out about the Flexion slefie monopod below.

Flexion Selfie stick Monopod
Flexion - Best Seller Seflie Stick on Amazon


  1. Holds phone securely
  2. Good range in telescoping length choices
  3. Bluetooth push button on handle

Reviews of Flexion QuickSnap Pro 3-In-1 Self-portrait Monopod With Bluetooth

The Sirui ratings were the highest of all monopods.


  1. Very light in weight and compact in size
  2. Stable, tall, and well-built
  3. Non-rotating legs can be adjusted easily

Reviews on the SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod
SIRUI P-326  Best Seller Amazon Monopod
SIRUI P-326 Amazon Top Rated Monopod

Whichever best selling monopod you go with, remember to have fun while you're using it.  Watch less television. Shoot more photos!


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