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Looking for a portrait photography guide? I came across an 78-page eBook that I wanted to tell you about. There are many eBooks on photography out there. Quite a few are just plain junk. This is not one of those books.

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The name of the book is "The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography: Our best Tips and Tricks for Success from the Digital Photography School."

The first 3 pages are the cover, introduction and table of contents. Then the book dives right into the first topic called "20 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits." It is very comprehensive in covering many topics.

Group posing, lighting, posing of individuals, children's portraits and self-portraits are all covered in various sections of the book.

Portrait Photography Guide - Ebook

The different sections of the guide are written as separate articles or tutorials.

You can use the eBook as a resource to tap into by section and return back to a new section on portrait photography when you are ready.

This guide has a portrait sample photograph or two on just about ever page in the book's content section.

The portrait posing tips are specific and cover the various subject's body parts. These include waistlines, thighs, bust-lines, shoulders and hands. The guide then covers the interesting subjects of power posing and where your subject should look.

Portrait Photography Guide - Ebook Interviews

portrait photography guide highlights

One of the biggest highlights in my opinion is the guest interviews with 6 leading portrait photographers toward the end of the guide.

Portrait photography is subjective in nature and no single approach can be proclaimed as the very best. I believe it is always a good thing to get different views on a subject, whether it's portrait photography, digital cameras or how to edit your photos in Photoshop.

I am going to tell you something.  A great way to have some fun and get inspired to improve your photography technique and creativity is to read a few good interviews of talented photographers.

Ebook Update

The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography has been replaced by several other offers at Digital Photography School.

This link leads you to the 14  step by step portrait photography recipes you can follow or check out the other portrait photography ebooks. Here are some of the specific topics.

  • Portraits with water.
  • Two light systems.
  • Creating mood.
  • Indoor portraits near a window.
  • Outdoor portraits in direct light.
  • How to use open shade.
  • Using fill flash.
  • Special effects with tungsten lighting.

There are certainly plenty of free resources to take advantage of for sure.  I've taken advantage of plenty of those as well.  I've also purchased and ready many printed and electronic guides on digital photography.

I try to take the attitude of living a lifetime of education.  To me, if you aren't always growing and learning, you're not living. Happy Shooting!

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p.s.  If you prefer having a printed portrait photography guide in your hands, and you don't mind getting a pre-owned book to save money, you can always buy one at half.com: