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You may not have faced a serious point frustration with your photography. Join the club. Many photographers (including myself) can benefit from a little help from a fellow photographer. 

Photography has been a big part of my world for over 40 years. Maybe I can help. That's what the Digital Photography Tips site is all about. Educating people with how to use their digital cameras and accessories to get the best possible photos.

You can ask me a question about photography using the form below.

Young photographerI started taking photos
when I was young

I started early as a photographer (in fourth grade) and I've gotten lots of help from other photographers. Now it's my turn to pass on some of the information I've obtained, some of it from trial and error, some of it from talented photographers.

It took me a long time to improve my photography, but that's because I failed to ask for help. I tried to do it without any photography mentors to speed up the process. I never would have been able to compose photos like this one below.

Coastal Maine Rocks LandscapeMount Desert Island, Acadia, October 2020

I'd be glad to help you along your journey. Just ask and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.

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Do you have a question about digital photography? Ask me. If you want to include a photo for explanation or for critique, you can do that too.

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We live in an amazing time right now.  We have so many powerful tools at our disposal to create great photographic images. Cell phone cameras, basic point and shoot cameras, advanced DSLRs, and even computer tablets have the advanced technology to take great photos.

Why do so many of our pictures suck?  Is it because we don't understand lighting in photography? Perhaps we need to take note of a few good photo composition tips or at least learn the most basic composition rule of thirds in photography.

There are a lot of common photo mistakes that are easy to avoid with a little knowledge and a little practice.

Most of the questions I get are related to equipment advice.  What's the best camera for sports is a common one.  Who makes the best camera monopods is another.

There is a lot of basic photography information on this web site and some advanced tips as well.It's all yours for the taking.  If you have a real specific photography question I might be able to help. Here is your opportunity to ask "Photo Tipman" a question about digital photography tips, techniques or equipment.

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How about learning digital photography with a well designed video course?

Digital Photography Video Course

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of Digital Photography.

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We are all visual learners. Eyesight is the most dominant of our 5 senses and photography has a universal language that we all can understand.  Wouldn't it be great if we could all improve our photography as a communication tool!

Like any other skill it's always useful to practice, but the word "practice" doesn't sound fun. Use the word play or experiment and the learning becomes more enjoyable.  

Rather than think you have to go practice your photography, trying going out to "play around" or explore with photography. Trying developing or creating images of things you enjoy.

Shoot more photos. Watch less TV.

Article published by Bruce Lovelace


Bruce is the publisher of Better Digital Photo Tips. Read more on the About Page. He's been known as The Traveling Photographer ever since he started his location photography business in 1994.

View some of Bruce's photos on Instagram.   Visit the Facebook Page. Watch him on YouTube.  Bruce runs photo workshops for kids and adults, and provides one-on-one photography coaching.

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