Starting a Greek Wedding Photography Business

by Irini

Wedding Bride in Black and White

Wedding Bride in Black and White

No frustration really just a very beginner with a goal. I want to start photographing weddings. Of course as a business but because i love it as well. Where should i start. What should i look out for? What camera and equipment is ideal?

Hi Irini, Thank you for contributing to my digital photography web site.

There are many things that go into becoming a successful wedding photographer. There are three main elements that will determine how you achieve your photography goals. They are your people skills, your marketing efforts and your photography. You will do much better if people really like you and trust you with capturing their memories on their special day.

There are many photographers who are talented with a camera but are not pleasant or enthusiastic to deal with. Marketing is very different now than it was 10 to 20 years ago when I photographed weddings. I just did my best to be enjoyable to work with and word of mouth was my best marketing method.

FaceBook, Twitter and other social media and word of mouth are the most affordable ways to start to get your name out there. Educate yourself by reading photography marketing tips on blogs and websites. There are many quality books available at Amazon that are full of good information, specific to wedding photography tips for marketing and the actual photographic posing, lighting and technique.

Digital photography has changed the wedding photography business, so I recommend buying recently published books. Read a photography book reviews to find out if they contain the tips you are looking for. Spending $20 or $30 dollars on a good book is well worth the investment. I included the link to Amazon for more information: Wedding Photography Books

You absolutely must have 2 complete camera set-ups of camera, flash, batteries, memory cards ready to shoot if one should fail. Weddings are a fast-paced day of photography, so preparation is a needed trait for a professional wedding photographer.

Volunteer to go along as a free assistant to help another wedding photographer local to your area. You can learn a tremendous amount from someone who is already in the photography business.

To your success!

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Mar 07, 2012
Great Photography Question
by: Bruce Lovelace

This is probably the most common question asked by want-to-be photographers. How do I get started in a photography business and make money with something I like to do.?

What is great now is that there are so many resources on the web and in print on digital photography, weddings and marketing.

It is a great time to be interested in photography. The technological advances in photography have made wedding photography available to almost anyone.

The challenge is that there are many talented, and energetic people entering the field of portrait photography and weddings.

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