what is a battery grip

Battery Grip for DSLR Camera

What is a battery grip and why would you want one?

A battery grip is an accessory that attaches to the bottom of a  DSLR cameras and provides extra batter power as well as a couple of other advantageous features. It can accept two of your camera batteries and has various camera control setting buttons or dials.

comparison of a camera without and with a battery grip

Comparison of DSLR with and without a battery grip

The battery grip attaches to the bottom of the camera and matches up in "footprint" size. It adds size and weight to your equipment.  Some have a cartridge that holds the batteries and slides into the grip.  With other grips the batteries slide directly into the grip.

what is a battery grip best used for

Battery Door for DSLR Battery Grip

There are two chief purposes of using a battery grip on a DSLR.  

First, it will extend the number of photos you can take without changing or charging batteries.

The second main reason of using a battery grip is for the use of the camera controls, especially the shutter button when the camera is held in a vertical (portrait) orientation.

advantages of using a battery grip

Vertical DSLR Grip Orientation

1.  Many photographer's don't like rotating their wrists like this photogapher is. The battery grip allows you to control and shoot in a portrait orientation with more comfort.

2. With two charged batteries inserted in the grip you can shoot twice as long.

3. Many photographers like the balanced weight distribution when using a big lens and a battery grip.

4.  Look more like a pro photographer.  Some might say this is a bit shallow. It really may be a legitamate benefit to the pro or advanced amateur who wants to separate herself from the point and shoot crowd of photographers

disadvantages of using a battery grip

1.  It cost money.   The Brand name ones like Canon and Nikon are pricier than the third party grips like Neewer, Photiv, Meike, and Zeikos.

2.  They make your camera bigger and heavier to carry.

3. It's one more mechanical accessory that can break down.

best place to buy battery grips

Any of the major camera retailers either stock these grips or can order them for you.  In today's world a big majority of photographers buy their cameras and accessories on-line.

Frequent readers of the Digital Photography Tips web site know I became a big fan of Amazon a few years ago after several years of buying equipment from B+H Photo in New York City.

B+H Photo was very good and has a huge array of electronic and photographic equipment.  I just like Amazon better because of their prices, speed of delivery, and reputation.

Most important of all is the number of reviews and opinions on Amazon from other consumers of all of the same things I am interested in reading.

Reviews on Specific DSLR Battery Grips at Amazon

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