Photographing Branded Products Label's

by Paul Shjarkey

Smirnoff Brand Label Photo

Smirnoff Brand Label Photo

It is a question regarding branded products like Smifnoff vodka or Teachers whiskey or any named product. Do you need permission to photograph the label or part of the name or part of the product to publish the results?


Thanks for your question submitted to my Photography Frustration page. You'd have to get the advice from a lawyer, specifically familiar with trademark and copyright law.

Legality of Photographing Brand Labels

I would imagine that how you use the photograph would be the most pertinent issue and what you mean as "publish."

If you were just using it for educational purposes, you would probably be fine. You are the creative artist making the photograph so it is your photograph and you have copyright privileges to that specific image.

I am a photographer and not a lawyer so that is the best answer I can give. I hope it helps and thanks for visiting my photography tip site.


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Oct 13, 2012
interesting question
by: Anonymous

interesting question about copyright and trademark when it comes to digital photography

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