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I am very lucky to have been able to give more digital photography support and help to photographers at different levels as this site has grown bigger. Digital cameras are so sophisticated-some are too complicated- but it's always a good thing to seek help from others. 

We All Have a Need for Digital Photography Support

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There are 3 ways you can find answers to your photography questions on the Digital Photography Tips web site.  

1.  You can use the search box to the left to find articles relating to a specific topic.

2.  Click the help button in the middle to ask me a question directly.

3.  On the right you can go to the Photography Definitions page for a better understanding

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three ways you can support the digital photography tips site

Many visitors want to say thanks for all of the free information and tips on cameras, accessories, and lighting. It does take time, effort and money to run a web site.  I appreciate the thoughts. Here is how you can help for free.

1.  This is a freeby and you benefit too.  This is the best one by far. You can get a lot of good deals on cameras, photography equipment, and many household items from amazon.  They have excellent return policies, and have national customer service rankings.

Whenever you buy anything just use the link below.  It costs you nothing and Amazon gives me a tiny percentage of the cost of the item as a little thank you for sending you there.  You can search for pet products, books, vitamins, personal care items, you name it you can get it on Amazon.

Deals on Photography and Household Supplies (ANYTHING YOU WANT) on Amazon

2.  This is a real simple one, too.  Just share one of the pages you like through one of your favorite internet stops, like Facebook, Pinterest or Google+  You see those floating colored squares on the right side of your screen?  Whenever you see them, click one of the squares and tell some of your friends about this site.  It helps people find these articles.

You can also click one of the links below to give digital photography support to the site.

Can you help me?

Can you help me get the word out about my photography site?  Let's help everybody improve their technique. After all, photography is a very powerful medium to communicate positive messages throughout all of civilization.

Using any of the share it buttons on this page, or any other on the Digital Photography Tips web site, helps Google (and other search engines) know that it is a web page worth reading.

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3.  The third way to support Digital Photography Tips is the nicest.  It's the tip jar.  Just like you reward good service at a restaurant or a from a taxi cab, you give a little financial thank you.

I've secured a easy way to donate money through paypal.  Rather than charge an admission or membership fee, the Digital Photography Tips web site is open to the general public.  You can give as little as $1 or as much as you can.  It really does help me with the site.

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