tips for better camera phone pictures

Use just a few of these tips for taking better camera phone pictures and your photos will improve dramatically.  And let's face it, we all will enjoy our smartphone photos more if they look better, right?

Don't you hate it when your cell phone pictures come out too dark or too blurry?  We've all been there. Well don't sweat it. You're now going to get simple tips to avoid the common mistakes people make when using their cell phone camera.

But first, you need to know the top 3 complaints I've heard from people about the photos they get from the cameras in their phone. Which one of these bothers you the most?

I Get Blurry Photos

My Photo is Too Dark

The Subject is Too Small

shield the camera phone lens

If the sunlight is hitting the lens directly, you'll get lens flare. This is a common photo mistake that's easy to avoid. Cell phones are extremely light and easy to hold with one hand and take a photo. It's a little awkward, but just remember to press the shutter button gently so that you do not jar the camera during exposure

Use your other hand to block the sunlight from directly hitting your cell phone camera lens. Picture quality is poor when direct bright light hits your lens during exposure. Try one with sun glare and shoot another without. Then you can choose which one you like better.

think sideways

Rotate your camera phone to match your subject. So many photographers are more accustomed to holding their camera certain way and ignore the choice of shooting a vertical photo or a horizontal photo.

vertical cell phone photoShoot vertical subjects

horizontal cell phone photoShoot horizontal subjects

Rotate your camera phone to match your subject. So many photographers are more accustomed to holding their camera certain way and ignore the choice of shooting a vertical photo or a horizontal photo.

You can rotate it later with your favorite photo editing software.

We are all in the habit of holding our camera upright like this

Sometimes a vertical ("portrait" composition) makes a better picture. Try both and see which composition you like better.

keep your cell phone camera lens clean

You handle your phone frequently all day long. It's bound to get smudges on its front surface.

It's a very small lens on your phone, so even the smallest smudge or dust will greatly affect the quality of your pictures. Using a cotton swab and lens cleaning solution is the best way to go.

lens cleaning solution

 Be gentle because if you scratch the surface, your only solution would be a new phone.

get you cell phone camera up CLOSE

clip-on mobile phone camera lensClip-on Camera Lens

You can crop your image with an app later, but it's better to fill your frame with your subject. The quality of your photo will be much better.Your subject is too far away? If you are lucky enough to have a smartphone with optical zooming that's much better that using digital zoom. 

Your camera phone also has a limit to how close it will focus on your subject. Close up photography, or actual macro photography, opens up an entire new world of photographic opportunities to take creative mobile phone pictures.

 You can try shooting with a magnetic attaching close-up filter or some models are clip on camera phone lenses.

use your "shades"

If you have polarized lenses in your sunglasses, you already have a filter at your disposal to enhance your pictures.

polariser sunglasses and cell phone cameraHow polarized sunglasses work

Polarizing Filter can reduce annoying reflections on water and other shiny objects. It will also make a blue sky look absolutely beautiful with your landscape photography. Simply hold a clean lens of your sunglasses very close to your camera phone when you take your photograph. You may have to rotate your sunglasses to get the maximum effect. It all depends on the angle of the sun at the time of your photo.

start with a good cell phone camera

Thanks to technology, cell phone cameras have taken huge leaps in the potential quality of the photos we can create. Here is an article on choosing the Best Cell Phone Camera.

Combine these tips for better camera phone pictures with the tips and techniques in the other articles on taking digital photography and you're going to get some great photos.

It's not the shape or size of the wand, but it's the skill of the magician that matters most.

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