review of monopod pouch

by Photo TipMan

Monopod Belt Pouches

Monopod Belt Pouches

This is a review of using a monopod pouch. I included a sketch of the Manfrotto Monopod Belt Pouch #3247 as well as a photo of one made by Kinesis to give you an idea of what this interesting piece of equipment looks like.

There are photographers who swear by them and other people think they are a complete waste of time. I believe both parties are right.

You will find positive and negative monopod reviews on any given monopod as well. Often it is a matter of personal taste. Unfortunately the only real way of finding out is to try one out and see if it works for you.

Although you might not use a monopod pouch very often, there may be situations where you will really love it. I must tell you that I have used my pants pocket as a temporary resting place for the bottom tip of my monopod.

In that particular case, it was not to use during a photography burst. It was simple to take the load off my arms between photos, without having to extend the monopod legs back down to the ground.

Not exactly the same, but similar result as if you were using a monopod pouch.

Certainly if the ground or floor is available, that will provide a more stable resting place than a pouch or a pants pocket.

The monopod pouch would definitely be very valuable if you were using your monopod to hoist an off-camera flash high in the air, essentially giving you an extra 3 feet of height when supported by your belt.

I used a monopod to raise my remote flash high in the air at a wedding when I assisted another photographer with her two-light system. When I shoot beach portraits I use a belly pouch for carrying an extra lens, memory cards and a spare battery.

I have also on more than one occasion rested my camera monopod (with the legs contracted) on a fence while shooting to add stability. It really depends on your exact photography situation as well as your personal preferences what accessories to get when using monopods.

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Review of Armpod Monopod

by Unknown Contributor

Armpod Monopod

Armpod Monopod

I came across a rather unique design for a monopod and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it. This is a review of the Armpod 500 arm and camera stabilizer.

It is a clever variation of the traditional monopod, although it is just my opinion that there are very few instances when a traditional monopod would not work better.

I read every single page on the Armpod web site and believe that a lot of thought was put into its design and it appears to be well-made.

There are 3 features which possibly could make it a consideration for you when looking for the best monopod. It is versatile. It has the ergonomic leg rest which should sit comfortably on your leg when you are sitting. It also has an integrated belt clip that you can hook onto your belt while standing or walking with your camera-monopod combination.

The Armpod monopod has a removable arm support on top so you can screw your camera directly to the monopod.

I believe these features make this monopod an interesting option for video photography more than still photography.

It's biggest weakness is that it has a very limited maximum length and cannot be used with the bottom of the monopod reaching the ground for stability.

There is only one review on this monopod on the Amazon web site, so unfortunately I imagine that not too many have been sold.

One of the best ways to evaluate monopods is to read the monopod reviews on those monopods that have been purchased many times on a retail site. You can gain a better overall feel on its good features and its weaknesses.

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