Large Group Photo of 25 People

Large Group Photo of More Than 25 People

Large Group Photo of More Than 25 People

Hi, I'm doing a session tomorrow morning for a large family group - 25 people. Because the only wide angle lens I have is a 18-105mm for my Nikon D90, I will be using this set up. My question is how do I insure that everyone is in focus? I tend to use spot metering all the time and toggle my focus points.

Will probably shoot manual to make sure I get my SS and Aperture just right. I'm sure I'll be shooting around an aperture of 10 to help with clarity. I also have a Nikon d800 with a 50mm. I'll be using this for some of the smaller groups of 4. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Looks like I am too late to respond in time to your question about your group photo which you were going to take the day immediately following your question.

It should have gone well provided you did indeed get to use f-10 as an aperture and you were on a wide-angle setting with your Nikon lens.

Factors that affect depth of field include:
1. sensor size
2. f-stop
3. subject distance (both closest person and farthest person)
4. focal length setting of lens

You can see that the aperture setting and the focal length are two of the settings that make a big difference in whether you'll get everybody in a large group in good sharp focus or not. You planned it just right! I wrote a detailed article on the factors that affect depth of field on this here: Depth of Field

There is a very useful website that calculates your depth of field based on all of those factors here: Depth of Field Master if you really want to have an exact figure calculated.

Let me know how you made out with your group photo. Feel free to post again for the readers of the digital photo tips web site and add one of your photos as well.

Bruce Lovelace

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