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Shadow photos of State Fair Walkers

Taking shadow photos can be a lot of fun and can really be a great exercise in practicing your rules of composition and proper photo exposure.

This photograph called "State Fair Shadow Walkers"was taken by photographer Don3rdSE.

When the sun gets low, the shadows get long.

This is a very interesting photo because of the perspective of the photographer as well as the unique shadows formed by the five subjects. I really like it because each person was captured in a different pose.

Shadow of a chair

One of the special characteristics about shadow pictures is that they often can have black and white photo qualities because the shadows are so dark.

Photos of shadows often look better as black and white because it really emphasizes the patterns, shapes and textures when you eliminate color form your photos.

Using the rules of composition, such as diagonals, leading lines, balance, and the Rule of Thirds in Photography will help your pictures come out great.

Tips on taking digital photography are plentiful as well as many sample photos on my web site that illustrate the points in the articles on photography.

shadow photos, contrast, and texture

Shadow picture of a bee

Look at the texture and contrast brought out by the strong side lighting in this picture of the bee and its shadow.

I would have loved to see this photo taken even closer to the bee, but it may have resulted in a "painful" retaliation by this insect.

I was not there when this photo was taken, but it would have been interesting to see if the camera could have been moved to the side instead of straight at the subject.

Often shooting with a different photo perspective will create diagonal lines in your image which create additional visual interest.

Black and White Photo of a dog, his owner, and their shadows

Have a little fun by giving yourself your own photo assignment with shadow photos.

It could be as simple as carrying your camera with you while you walk your dog. This photo was taken in the evening when the sun was close to setting. You often get funny distorted shapes with this kind of lighting.

Another good source of shadow subject are buildings or other tall objects when the sun is high in the sky.

This will cause your photos to have a shortened shadow if it's on the ground or a longer shadow if it's on a vertical surface.

Picture of a lamp and its shadow

Here is a great shadow photo of a lamp and it's shadow on the building's wall. This photo is called: Lamp and Shadow" and was taken by PhotoBob#

The diagonal lines from the lamp to its shadow contrast nicely with the vertical and horizontal lines of the building.

Whether you are just learning Beginners Photography or you are an advanced amateur, make sure to take advantage of the various photography articles and digital photo tips on this site. Make sure you have fun with your photography as you discover more tips on taking digital photography.

Bike Racing ShadowsBike Racing Shadows

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