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Need some ideas for photography poses for 4 people?  Here are a few examples of poses for 4 people that you can copy.

1. First general rule ,as with all poses of 3 or more people, it makes a more pleasing portrait to have the heights of your subject's heads at different levels.

Photography pose of 4 adultsPose of 4 adults

This photo above was from a photography job I did in a church basement.

There was not enough time for formal posing with posing stools and a background, so I only had folding chairs and a few small foot stools that I brought along to use to help pose my small family groups.

The pose above was of 4 adult siblings. I sat the sister between 2 of her brothers on folding chairs. I had the third brother kneel on one of the foot stools behind the other three.

This way the female was surrounded by her brothers.

If you connect the heads in this order: 1-2-4-3 and back to 1, you see we have a flattened diamond shape which I often use with photography poses for 4 people.

Photographing Families: Tips for Capturing Timeless Images

The family was quite pleased with the arrangement, but what could I have improved on? I could have had male #1 sit on a book on the chair to raise his head perhaps 2 or 3 inches.

2. The second general rule is to have your subjects turn at a slight angle to the camera, often a 30 to 45 degrees turn from shoulders facing directly at you.

The pose below was a completely different situation. It was an office party at a restaurant. I had just enough room to set up a medium-sized background and two umbrella lights.

Photography poses of 4 adults

This pose was of four co-workers, so I did a pose that was a little more formal and professional than I would with a family portrait. No intimacy or touching allowed!  ;-)

I had the two shorter ladies stand behind and between the two taller ladies who sat on posing stools. This created that pyramid shape that is a composition technique widely used in group portraits.

Usually adult women prefer that their bottoms do not show in portraits and this is a pose that accomplishes that.

casual photography pose for 4 kids

Photography pose of 4 children

The 4 children sat in a straight line along rocks near the ocean.

Photography poses for 4 people are usually not done by having all the subjects sitting in a row next to each other. I wanted the pose to be a little more natural and less structured for these 4 cousins enjoying the beach.

I purposefully did place the two taller children in the middle of the composition to create that pyramid shape that has been discussed in some of the photography articles on family and group posing tips on this site.

Another posing tip is to make sure everyone's hands are not in the same position. Notice that each child has there hands placed in a different way. If there hand were posed in the exact same way it would like like a police lineup.

3. The third general posing rule. If you want to add a little intimacy or "closeness" to a family portrait pose of 4, have your subjects lean in a little toward the middle.

Pose of 4 sistersPortrait pose of 4 sisters

This pose of these 4 sisters was a copy of a pose they had done many, many years ago.They had a print on hand of the original pose and it was easy for me to copy it. If you see a pose you really like, use it at the first opportunity.

You'll learn it and remember it that way.

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Happy shooting!

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