Nikon D300 Camera settings-Dark Pictures

Nikon D3000 Camera

Nikon D3000 Camera

I have a Nikon D3000.

All my pic's are dark even the ones outside, they are better but still need lightened? I went through the book over and over in recent months trying different settings still not much better!
most of all my pictures are of my grandchildren, birthday events and playing! I set up in and out door sessions.

My Goal is to not have so much editing of my pic's just to have a usable photo. I have extra lighting I use some times too, still not enough!

Is there a guild out there that would help, that would give me camera setting changes for different kind of pictures? I have bought several books but just not specific enough to my issues!

Please help, my grandchildren live out of state and the pictures are all I have between visits. I want them to be good!

Thank you!

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for your question about consistent underexposure. I am more of a Canon guy, but have researched a few of my resources with respect to your frustration with your Nikon D3000.

I have not found this to be a common issue with your particular camera model. It may be that you need to have it serviced by Nikon. Many cameras are programmed conservatively to protect against losing detail in the highlights and underexpose a bit when using automatic settings.

I can tell you that with my Canon cameras, I often use exposure compensation to purposefully over expose a bit to get the desired result. Here is a good video about the Nikon D3000. About 4 minutes in to it, it specifically shows you how to use exposure compensation: D3000 settings.

Here is a short video to give you a little background on exposure compensation: Exposure compensation video.

The D3000 is a good camera. It replaced the D60, which was Nikon's best selling mode. You should not have to put up with this issue consistently; I am sure it is disappointing. Unfortunately you may have to send it off for a firmware update.

I am a camera geek, so I enjoy using the histogram, evaluating exposure and then adjusting my settings, but I would imagine you would prefer to focus on just capturing those special moments with you family in a hassle-free way.

I hope this response gives you some insight.

Best wishes,
Bruce Lovelace

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