the 5 most popular camera monopods

If you've been wondering which are the most popular camera monopods, you're not alone. We both like the idea of adding stability to your camera without all the weight of carrying around around a tripod. I did some extensive research and was surprised a the results.

the top selling monopod

Most popular camera monopod on amazon
  1. Dolica WT1003
  2. Amazon Basics 67 Inch
  3. SIRUI P-326
  4. 10-In-1 Selfie Stick Monopod For GoPro 
  5. Opteka M900

I would have guessed that one of the most affordable monopods, like the Dolica WT1003 pictured above, would be the biggest seller on amazon. One of the first places I go when researching camera accessories is to Amazon.

A healthy 93% of buyers rated the Dolica a 4 or 5 and its' only about a $20 monopod. You can read the reviews of the Dolica Monopod on Amazon.

What surprised me was the explosion in sales of camera monopods for taking "selfies" and shooting video with small cameras like the GoPro.

The popularity of taking selfies is growing with teens, adults and celebrities.  It's narcissism at its finest. There has been a huge upsurge in sales of monopods that are specifically designed and sold for taking selfies. Monopods for taking selfies are very valuable when the selfie is a group photo.

monopods for selfies buying tips

GoPole Reach Selfie Monopod

These selfie monopods need a remote button to trigger the shutter or start the shooting the video and there are many different designs.  

So many, in fact, that it is difficult to label any of them as the most popular camera monopods.

There are three issues to be aware of before you buy one of these types of monopods:

  1. Make sure it is short enough when contracted.  Some designs don't have enough sections to retract to a convenient length.
  2. Make sure the remote trigger matches the camera you are using.
  3. Get one that is strong enough to hold the weight of your camera at full extension.

Read the reviews on Monopods for Selfies on Amazon

higher priced and most popular camera monopods

Usually the highest priced monopods are going to made of highest quality materials and have the most desirable features. It makes sense that the most expensive monopods won't be the most popular because most photographers can't afford the priciest models of camera equipment.

It's great when you can find moderately higher priced monopods that perform spectacularly and get great ratings from photographers.  Such is the case with the 2nd most popular monopod with the readers of Better Digital Photo Tips, The SIRUI.

The Sirui carbon fiber monopod, shown in the picture above, has had 96% of its buyers give it a 4 or 5 star rating. Having 6 sections keeps its folded length very short at 15 inches but has the ability to extend to 60 inches.

Read the reviews on the SIRUI Carbon Fiber Monopod on Amazon

why camera monopods Are popular

Let's take a look at the 5 main reasons camera monopods are so popular with photographers. 

  1. Monopods make shooting a selfie much easier.
  2. Shooting in a crowd makes it just about impossible to use a tripod.
  3. Monopods are light and easy to carry.
  4. The are a good compromise between shooting with no camera support and the bulk and heft of using a tripod.

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