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Photo Backup in Your Back Pocket - The Western Digital My Passport

I now backup photos with an external hard drive made by Western Digital.  

My computer geek son told me WD (Western Digital) makes reliable products.

I got a good deal on Amazon. I've always wanted to be a photographer, not a computer geek.

I never wanted to spend a lot of time learning about computer hardware and software. Sometimes things change, don't they?

Photography is really now a technically driven industry and hard drives have joined the category of digital camera accessories. Here are reviews and opinions of others on external hard drives:

best size external hard drive to backup photos

Photo Backup in the palm of your hand

I like small and this particular model,the WD Passport is easy to carry.

You can backup your photos via USB and store it in a safe location.

The cost difference between getting just enough memory and getting too much hard drive space is incrementally small.  As an example at the time of this article writing, it was only an additional 50% more money to get 100% more capacity.

It's part of our human nature, our conservative-survivalist thinking that causes us to underestimate our future needs.  In general as time goes on, digital photos get larger and more people are turning to video to capture the moments we want to preserve.

It's better to get a little too much memory than regret it and get caught with a full backup hard drive.

Here is a really boring video, showing the opening of the "WD My Passport"  It does show you what you get with it. It is quite simple and quite easy to handle.  It's powered by the USB connection to your computer, so you don't need to worry about plugging it into a wall outlet.

Western Digital makes quite a few options for backup.  They even offer "personal cloud" devices that are suitable for businesses.  Here is the link to their site:  I prefer to keep things really simple.  That's why I chose the My Passport option to backup my photo and documents. 

I keep all of my photos and all of my documents and backup data from programs within  "My Documents" folder on my C drive of my computer.  It's then quite simple to drag and drop that folder to my Passport drive and safely store that drive in a fireproof safe in the basement.

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