think tank airport airstream specs

Here are the Think Tank Airport Airstream specs:

Inside Dimensions in inches:     13W  x  6.5-7.5D  x  15.5H

Outside Dimensions in inches:   14W  x    8.0D     x  17.5H

It weighs 9-10.5  lbs.

Think Tank Airport Airstream Camera Travel Photography Luggage

It is constructed with 1680D ballistic nylon.

The telescoping handle maximum extension of 24 inches reaches a total of about 42 inches above the floor.

It has lots of zippered pockets of various sizes to store the small accessories you need to take along on a photo shoot.

think tank airport airstream capacity

Airport Airstream capacity photo

The Think Tank web site claims Airstream is made to hold a 400mm f/2.8 and two pro bodies with grips.

I don't have a 400 f/2.8 and I don't use pro grips, so I can't personally verify this.

This photo shows my two 5D bodies, a 400mm f/5.6, a 70-200 f/2.8, a 24-105mm f/4.0, a large sensor point and shoot, a very small Speedlite flash unit, and a Hoodman Loupe.

There is plenty of room in the small pockets within the main lid for spare batteries and memory cards.

think tank airport airstream - best features

A.  It meets the requirements for US and international carry-on luggage.

B.   Three locks: 1) secure it to a stationary object 2) lock a laptop to it 3) TSA-zipper lock for main compartment.

Airport Airstream 3 locks

C.  Heavy duty zippers and constructed with tough nylon material.

D.  Extra tall plastic skid plates on back corners

E.  The rollers take all the weight off your shoulders.  The empty bag weighs 10 lbs.  Add the weight of all of your camera gear and it gets heavy for carrying by the handle or draped over your shoulder. 

Think Tank Photo is known throughout the world of professional photographers because of the vision of it's photographers/designers to make the best equipment possible. 

Here is the link to the: ThinkTankPhoto web site.

what else is included?

There is a seam-sealed waterproof rain pouch with a Velcro flap to seal around or protect the telescoping handle. 

There are the three locks (photos above) and several ways to hold a monopod or tripod:

Think Tank Airport Airsteam Monopod and Tripod Straps

Monopod strap 

Tripod strap

Compression Strap

Tripod/monopod holder pouch

the best think tank airport airstream spec

The best specs on the Airport Aristream are it's outside dimensions.  The main purpose of a bag like this are to be able to carry on the plane with you and keep your eyes on your precious camera gear. 

Although some of the larger bags still meet the requirement of a carry-on, the gatekeepers have the authority to "check" your baggage based on its weight and the availability of space in the cabin. Stricter security, small planes, and less overhead space all dictate the need for the right-sized back to avoid having your bag checked.

Having an extra small bag that fits under the seats as well increases the likelihood that you will not have issues with it as a carry-on. The worst of the Think Tank Airport Airstream specs is its price.  I purchased mine in May of 2014 on Amazon for $339. But hey, you equipment is worth getting the extra protection, right?

I read many airport travel bag reviews on about a dozen web sites, including Amazon, B+H Photo/Video, and the Think Tank Photo site.  I believe it is worth the investment, on the basis of the positive reviews and on it's size and features.

As a reader of Digital Photo Tips you can receive a special gift for any order over $50 with ThinkTank. It's a pretty good deal. The consumer reviews of their products are very high. ThinkTankPhoto

The Think Tank Airport Airstream Specs are impressive, as are this bags ability to function and protect.  You've just got to be willing to make the investment.

Happy Travels!

Article published by Bruce Lovelace

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