how to use a monopod for smooth video
(and other how to shoot without a monopod)

The first step is to use a monopod for smooth video shooting.  

That alone catapults you ahead of the average everyday FaceBook video poster or soccer mom.  

Image stabilizing lenses are nice but they are no substitute for using a tripod or monopod for steadiness and smooth movements of your camera.

use a monopod for smooth video

Whether it's for a still digital photograph or for moving video, there are several tricks to gaining stability when using a monopod.  I covered them extensively in an article quite a while ago in an article titled"  How to Use a Monopod.

There are also specific techniques to use for panning and tracking movements of your camera while shooting.  The technique you used depends on whether your monopod  had monopod feet or not as well.

I  linked to the video below in another article, but I think you'll find it valuable so my apologies if it is a repeat for you, but here it is again:

use a monopod for strong video perspectives

A monopod is a great way to get a much stronger perspective when shooting video of still digital photos.

This is an very basic intro video to using a monopod for shooting video.  About 2/3 of the way in there is a segment showing how you can get a strong perspective from up above your subject.

4 easy ways to shoot smooth video without a monopod

1. Image Stabilization. As we know, most cameras come with some image stabilization whether it's incorporated in the camera design or the lens.  Make sure you have it turned on when doing hand-held video and yes, make sure it is turned of when using a tripod or monopod.

2. Hold the camera close to your body.  Keep you elbows tucked in, have one hand on the camera and the other on the camera lens.  When you want to change the direction of your camera, move your whole body, and not your hands and arms so much.

3.  Find an anchor.  If you can lean against a stationary object, like a wall, a tree, or a fence, you will have an extra point of stability to avoid camera shake. Get creative here.  Look around for a chair that can be moved or a table to lean your elbows on.  If you can find two stability points, that's even better.

This is where having a monopod gives you an easy stability point and monopods are easy to carry and fold up pretty compactly.

4. Breathe easy.  Holding your breath is not a good idea.  It tenses you up.  Gradual breathing without gasping for air is a steadier way to shoot video.

places to buy video monopods:

I've used these three trusted on-line retailers:

Have a blast shooting when you use a monopod for smooth video!


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