pictures of senior citizens

Pictures of Senior Citizens-Pose 1

These pictures of senior citizens were chosen for three reasons. 

1.  They all have natural lighting.

2.  They are all close up portraits. 

3.  All of these photos of old people show unique and genuine emotions.

Smiling elderly woman photo

Using the existing natural light when it's available.

It is always the best lighting technique to use.

You can capture spontaneous expressions when you only have to focus on your subject's emotions.

Photo of a male senior citizen

Sometimes moving your subject closer to a natural light source is a simple task.

Look for window lighting or the shade of an outdoor overhang.

There are other times when you will have to create the the look of natural light by planning ahead.

This can be done using an external flash aimed sideways at a nearby wall or bounced off of a ceiling.

Closely cropped photo of an old man

Senior citizens will feel more relaxed when there is no distraction from an artificial photo studio lighting.

Watch the background for distracting colors or patterns.

The bright blue structure behind this man's head is distracting.

Distracting background removed on senior citizen portrait

Here is the photo without the distracting bright blue.

I did the retouching in Photoshop using layers and Saturation.

Notice how our eye is no longer distracted by the background.

Photo of old confused woman

Taking pictures of the elderly is not something many photographers think about doing very often.

Forming relationships with senior citizens is a valuable experience.

Digital Photography is a great tool for all of us to build a better understanding of our world.

There is also the aspect of recording history to consider. When you use photography to capture a moment in time, you are recording an event.

It may not make in into the history books, but you have an opportunity to easily share it with many people all over the world because of the magic of digital photography and the internet.

Whether you are doing nature photography of landscapes, doing macro photography of insects and flowers or taking pictures of senior citizens, learning a few digital photo tips will make your pictures more effective at communicating an idea.

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