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Macro Master Kathleen Clemons is known as the LensBaby Guru, but her images would be breathtaking with or without one of the hottest macro photography accessories on the market right now, the LensBaby.

Not only does she create amazing images, but she is highly sought as a macro photography instructor. She is known for her ability to teach her students to open their eyes and to capture simple everyday beauties that are everywhere around us. 

Kathleen Clemons B+W macro photoKathleen Clemons B+W macro photo

Here is the five question and answer interview with macro master Kathleen Clemons.

1.  You've been shooting and teaching photography for many years.  How did your passion for photography start? 

"I have always loved Art, I can draw and paint, but never felt that I had found my niche until I became serious about Photography. I always enjoyed taking photos, but got serious after taking an online class in 2003 with Bryan Peterson, his Understanding Exposure class taught me the basics of the technical side that I was missing.

Once I had that understanding, I could really grow as a photographer and find my own style.  I have been teaching for Bryan at his online school, The Bryan Peterson School of Photography ( since 2006."

2.  Where do you think digital camera technology will lead us next? 

"There no way to know but it’s all very exciting! I love to learn new techniques for shooting and processing photos."

Kathleen Clemons macro photo-2Photograph by Kathleen Clemons

3.  What’s your absolute favorite camera to use right now? 

"I am shooting with a Canon 5DMK3, and am also shooting more with my iPhone since Lensbaby came out with the LM-10 for mobile phones. Having a Lensbaby with me all the time is so much fun!"

4.  I was originally critical of the Lensbaby, but your amazing work has changed my opinion 180 degrees. What is it that makes the Lensbaby  a tool that you love to use so much? 

"Thanks! My favorite photography technique is using selective focus. I fell in love with Lensbaby when I first saw images created with it.

A Lensbaby allows me to show the world how I see."

Copyrighted photo by Kathleen ClemonsCopyrighted photo by Kathleen Clemons

5.  Do you do much post capture editing and if you do, what specific piece of editing software is your favorite?

"Some of my Lensbaby images are straight from the camera, they need no post-processing. But I also like to play with some of my images, adding textures, using filters, making them match my vision for the subject. I use Nik Filters often, and also Macphun.

I just started making my own textures for Machun’s Marketplace, and I am really enjoying doing that. I have three collections done and have ideas for several more."

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