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You're looking at the line of Benro tripods and aren't sure you want to invest that much money. I understand.     Here is the PDF brochure.

Benro is a relative newcomer on the photography equipment scene.  

This company continuously commits a lot of resources in both advanced, precision tooling as well as design modern, superior functioning tripods, monopods and heads.

The innovative Benro Travel Angel Tripod was introduced in late 2012. It's got the coolest reversible legs which make it compact for traveling.

benro travel angel

It will be very helpful to you to evaluate your tripod purchase on the two most important characteristics of any tripod, the size and steadiness. Once you leave the realm of going cheap, the better quality tripods are all pretty steady. Stability Tips

Yo should look at 3 parts of the size equation.

the maximum height of your tripod

For most photographers it is desirable to have the maximum height tall enough to give your camera strong support at your eye level without bending over.  Having the center post fully extended can produce a little bit of wobble, particularly with lightweight and cheaply made units.

If you are only shoot a few photos and don't need your camera to be at a full height, you can save money by going smaller and lighter.  I am primarily a portrait photographer and shoot a lot of head shots.   In my case I need my tripod to be at or above eye level of my subjects.

the minimum size of your tripod

With some photography it may be desirable to have a low camera level for a different perspective.  When I photograph babies, young children and with some of my nature photography I need to be low to the ground.

One of my Manfrotto tripods has only 3 sections and a long center post, so it is not capable of low shooting angles.

If you are traveling, the folded size of your tripod is critical.  I have a Rocketfish carbon fiber tripod that fits in my carry-on luggage.  The Travel Angel is great for this too, although it's not a super lightweight.

the weight of your tripod

The heavier it is, the sturdier it performs.  Carbon fiber tripods are the lightest and sturdiest combination but they come with the "sturdiest" price tag too.

Weight is all relative and it really does depend on your needs and uses.  I currently have 5 tripods but really only use 3 of them extensively.  The first "professional" tripod was a Bogen-Manfrotto 3021 with a 3047 pan-tilt head that weighs in at a whopping 9 pounds. 

I purchased it when I was in photography school in 1981.  It was just solid enough to handle my 4x5 view camera and just light enough for my young, 20-year-old, semi-athletic body to carry moderate distances.

benro ballhead b-1

Here's a  short but pretty cool video on how fluid and sturdy the Benro Ballhead B-1 is. Using one of the good tripod ball heads make any tripod experience a whole lot better.  

Benro Tripods Have a 5 Year Warranty - Logo

Benro tripods didn't appear on the photography scene until the 21st century.  

Unlike Bogen-Manfrotto who has been around forever, their tripods weren't offered to the international market until 2006.

Benro Tripods have a 5 year warranty.

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Another newcomer to the quality tripod market is MeFoto. MeFoto tripods are generally less money than the Benro and have the compact folding legs too.

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