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You're looking to get one of the Benro travel angel tripods but don't know which one to get. You want the benefits of compact and easy to carry. It's got to be sturdy and durable and it must fit into your price range.

You can do an extensive search, like I did, but you might find it a bit I did. When I wrote this article there were 56 different Benro Tripods on the Benro company web site.

How'd you like to avoid the confusion and not waste time analyzing so many options on tripods?

I've got a better way for you. It's a simple and quick, step-by-step method to find the best benro tripod. You'll find out which of the benro travel angel tripods is the best fit for you. But first, check out the numbering system for Benro tripods.

Benro's complicated tripod numbering system

This is fine if you are a collector and have a large set of Benro tripods and need to catalog them to keep track. We'd all agree this is necessary for the Benro company to keep track of all of their tripods and monopods. They have so many models.

You and I, we just want a simple way to find which one is the best tripod for you.

benro folded legs travel angel tripodBenro Folding Legs Tripod

how to find the best benro travel angel tripod

Here is a simpler way to find the right one. You can find the best tripod by combining a simple list of your desired features with the highest rated tripods.

As an example, your list might include less than 16 inches long, less than 3 lbs. and a price tag under $100. Here's what you do.

Stay with me here for a second. Open up a new tab in you internet browser or just click here:

1. Go to Amazon and select "Electronics" in  the drop-down search box.

2. Type in the words "benro travel angel"

3. In the left column, select the 4-star & Up option to filter your results.

Choose 4-star and above option on Amazon

4. Satisfy your budget. Select one of the pre-set price ranges or you can write in your own range of minimum and maximum price levels.

Click your Amazon price range

This will get you to the highest rated tripods in your price range! 

You can buy your new Benro Travel Tripod (or one that you find to be a better fit for you) from YOUR favorite retailer. You can use Amazon just as a research tool only. I started buying products from Amazon in 2003 and it became my favorite place a few years after that.

My confession: I am an Amazon addict. Amazon is really a powerful search engine like Google or Youtube. You can use it as a tool to find out a lot about any product. In Amazon's case, it's a useful research tool for you for camera equipment.

My disclaimer:  I get a little financial "thank you" from Amazon if you happen to buy something there. It's part of their affiliate program. It costs you nothing. You still get the same prices, return policies and delivery options.

The Truth: Even if I wasn't an affiliate with Amazon, I'd still use the search-and-read-reviews method on evaluating produces. It's too good of a resource for you to ignore using it.

where to buy benro travel angel tripods

The truth is you can get good deals on Benro tripods from a lot of sources. I included three vendors at the end of this post that I have used with good results, depending on the camera equipment I was buying.

Dedicated camera retailers like B+HPhoto, Adorama, Samy's, Abes of Maine, or Cameta carry larger selections than box stores, but on-line camera equipment buying is so darn quick and easy.

alternative choices than a benro travel tripod

A funny thing happened when I selected the $50-100 dollar filter in the left hand column of the search results on the Amazon site.  I had already selected 4-star and Up reviews as the first filter. Only two results were left.

One of the tripods was the Benro A1690T.

It had a nice healthy average 4 star rating and was available for just under $100.

The surprise result was not a Benro Travel Angel.

It's the Dolica shown in this ad on the left. That has a higher rating AND was being sold for about $30 less than the Benro.

You could also add a monopod to the Dolica travel tripod for only about $4. You have to decide on your own, but to me the choice would be obvious.

Another player you can consider for a light travel tripod is the Manfrotto BeFree travel tripods. Manfrotto is a name that has been associated with quality photography products for many years.

You're probably like most other photographers, myself included. You're looking for smaller and lighter. This has been a trend for digital photography equipment for several years.

What's the biggest Benefit of Using a Good Travel Tripod?

The best part of getting a good travel tripod is not its portability, stability, or durability. No, I believe it's actually a benefit that a lot of photographers don't talk about.

The wrist watch of a hurried photographer

It seems we're always in such a hurry.

That's true with our lifestyle in general, but I've noticed it's so true with our photography too. Life is complicated full of constant distractions.

Tripods force us to slow down.  

Whether it's' by using a benro Travel Angel tripod or any other decent tripod made by somebody else, taking the time to set up your tripod gets you to take a more thoughtful approach to your photography.

Rather than Look, aim, and quickly shoot, we tend to notice, observe, and think more deeply before we shoot.  The end result we all want as photographers is to get great photos. Use your tripod more often to slow yourself down.

Having so many choices is a great situation for us. As more and more manufacturers compete with products and innovations, you get more selection and cheaper prices.

Just simplify your selection process. Hurry up and slown down with your photography. ;-)

Good luck in your search on Benro travel angel tripods!

Shoot more photos.

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