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With just a few digital photography tips and the right camera equipment, you can tap into your unique talents, and take truly great photos. You' be ready to make amazing photographs that you'll be proud of. This website will help you get there. Whether you're a beginner or an advancing enthusiast, there are plenty of free photography tips for you to use.

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Explore one of the topics above, use the navigation links in the side column on any page of this website, or just use the Google search box to search this site and get the answers you're looking for on a specific topic. Search For An Article. Want to know the magic formula to get the great photos you've always wanted?  You know the real truth. It's not magic at all; it's really quite simple:


Here's the deal.

I've made lots of mistakes shooting photos. Maybe you've made a few too. I've either used the wrong camera setting or I've used the wrong technique plenty of times. Sometimes it's just a matter of using the wrong lens or not having the right accessory. I didn't blow it on purpose. That's just how it goes sometimes.

Well the good news is that you don't have to waste as much time and make the same mistakes. I learned by trial and error before the internet was even a pipe dream. This web site gives you shortcuts to taking better photos and getting the right equipment.

digital photography lighting exampleMy photos have gotten a lot better. Please share this photo if you like it. It helps me grow this site.

Technology has given you great tools to play with and there's an abundance of photography information for you to use. Go ahead and jump in!

Digital Photography Tips You can Use Right Away:

Explore the site for photography tips, reviews on camera accessories, and tutorials on lighting, composition, and exposure. It's all to help YOU become a better photographer. The collage below is made up of some of the photos I've taken to use for this site. I've been lucky to have some great photography mentors. Now I am passing on the information to you.

Collection of Photos From the Digital Photography Tips Web SiteCollection of Photos From The Digital Photography Web Site

Digital cameras are supposed to do everything for us, right?  Auto-exposure.  Auto-focus. Automatic white balance. Then why do so many of our pictures still disappoint us?

Welcome to the Digital Photography Tips web site.  You can take your digital photography to a whole new level.  

  • You have access to hundreds of articles on camera equipment and accessories.
  • You can get help with composition, lighting, and posing.
  • You can find tips on cameras, lenses, and tons of digital photography equipment.

have you ever been disappointed with how your photos come out?

Plenty of photographers take bad photos. I know I have and I think if you're being completely honest. It seems like some people always take great photos and some of us struggle a lot more. The truth is we've all taken bad photos. It still happens to me sometimes, but all the practice I get know surely helps. But there is good news, it's not that hard to improve your photography. Let me tell you something....

It is simply an amazing time to have an interest in photography

Digital photography and the technology that has come along with it have given us so many great tools to work with.  The cameras, accessories, software and information choices we have at our disposal are remarkable. There is a learning curve of course, and that's what led to this website.

Why should you even care about this web site? Well, if you're like most people, you've had a few disappointments with some of the pictures you've taken in the past.  I know I've taken my share of bad photos.

If  A Picture is worth a thousand words.......

.....think how many words and messages you can communicate with your photography.

Perhaps you've caught yourself wondering why some people seem to have a knack for taking great photos.  You may also might have a question about a specific piece of photography equipment or want to know about a camera accessory.

Don't worry there's still hope. It's never to late to learn. In fact, that's good philosophy to have. Life is a continuous learning experience. I don't know if you found this site accidentally, were actually looking for some digital photo tips or needed some help with choosing digital photography equipment.   It is my hope that you will be be glad you did find this site.

Picture of a sunrise for Photography Tips Home PageMorning photo of Alcyon Lake

Photography is a way to communicate with people of all countries and ages throughout the world. You see my friend, it is my mission to give you some valuable tools for becoming a better digital photographer and understanding cameras and accessories.  I am not a professional writer or a professional web designer. 

That should become obvious to you as you explore my web site. I am a professional photographer and I truly do have a passion for helping other people.

My best friend calls me Photo TipMan, so I adopted that as a pen name. You can call me a Camera Geek or a Photo Nut. Heck, you can even tell me that my writing stinks, but it won't stop me with my mission. I started my hobby in photography long before personal computers and digital photography were even a pipe dream.

Canon digital camera

When digital photography arrived, I became a Canon camera guy after reading quite a few of the on-line reviews on cameras. I also saw quite a few advertisements for the Canon line of digital cameras.  Canon was by far the early leader in digital camera manufacturing.  

That led me to start another web site a few year later called Canon Camera Geek. That focuses primarily on Canon cameras, lens and accessories.

I had a job early on in my career and customers would call me Da Picture Man. I am not sure if I am an expert or not, but I sure have had a lot of experience with cameras and photography equipment over the last 43 years. Do any of these questions apply to you?

digital photography tips - help

  1. Do you have a nice new digital camera but your pictures are still not so great? 
  2. Are you frustrated with how your digital photos come out? Are you tired of making several of the most common photo mistakes? 
  3. Are you perhaps a little confused about which camera setting to use, or maybe you're  getting blurry photos?

This "digital photography tips" site is being written with the idea of educating people in photography by using many photographic illustrations within each of the hundreds of articles. There are many digital photography tips web sites that are full of fluff and don't really give you good, step by step photography tips.

Do you fit into any one of the following groups?

  1. Beginning Photographers looking for basic tips.
  2. Amateurs who want to learn a few more photo tricks and techniques.
  3. Advanced and Professional Photographers who are committed to continuously improving their photography skills and knowledge.
Good composition - macro photo of flower

If you're like most people, you'd probably like to make fewer mistakes when taking your photos. Maybe you want to take better photos without having to think hard about how each time you try.

It's time for me to unlock the vault, throw away the key and give you the top-secret digital photo tips. Okay. Sorry, just having a little fun.

But seriously, after 29 years earning a living as a professional photographer and over 43 years of taking photos, it is my intent to share a little. My goal is to help you take better pictures. This web site is dedicated to providing limitless tips for taking digital photography.

Whether you are just beginning photography as a hobby, have already taken online photography courses, or you already are an experienced photographer, this web site is going to help you improve your photography. Just consider me as your digital photography tutor. Read on, my camera-carrying friend.

This photography tips site is growing. It is updated continuously as I write on how to take better photos and give you new articles with tips for taking digital photography. It also is looking a bit better as I learn tips about html and css computer code.

Directions Banner - How to use this photography information web site

Read this Introduction page first. Then use the tabs at the top to explore and discover all kids of photography tips. Come back often as I will be adding more techniques and tips for taking digital photography.

Book mark this page right now.  It will only take you a second. Make it one of your favorites so you can find it easily for new digital photography tips or accessory advice.

On this site you will learn:

  • Better Composition, better pictures of people, nature and vacation photos
  • Photo lighting tips, how to use natural lighting and flash photography
  • How to edit photos, cropping, adjusting brightness and color
  • Portrait Photography Tips, Ideas on how to photograph people and create great family portraits
  • How cameras work, using the right camera setting to get the best pictures

The digital photography tips you'll discover:

  • Find ways to take priceless photos, they are all around you right now
  • Easy ways to share photos, How to email and re-size pictures, share online
  • Photo Exposure, avoiding over exposure and under exposure

I am not a professional writer or a professional web designer. You may find bad grammar or a misspelling or two. This web site may not be pretty or fancy, but I promise you it is a great source for you to improve your digital photography. This Take Better Digital Pictures web site is designed to be simple and full of sample photos. It's my goal to help you avoid many of the common photo mistakes that I've made over the years.

Digital scan from a photo of me when I was young.

My love of photography began when I was only 9 years old. I received an old plastic Kodak camera. I took that camera on a school trip to the zoo. It was such a thrill to get those black and white pictures back from the local printing lab one week later.

I could have used some good photo tips back then. Now, with digital photography, it's even better because we can see our photos instantly and learn digital photography tips faster. 

It was the beginning of a lifetime of photography for me. It was black and white photography back then and my pictures were not good. I didn't get any photo advice back then. There was no internet to use as source for getting an education in photography. No digital photo tips for me. Things have certainly changed.

Banner - Most of my photos were bad

I have great childhood memories of learning basic developing and printing in our basement darkroom with my father. I can still to this day remember that unique smell of the "stop bath" and the "fixer." That's my Beseler 23C enlarger pictured on the right.

Beseler 23C Enlarger

While I was in college, I tripled the size of my basement darkroom and began learning color printing. I left Engineering School and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Photography. 

I've done nature photography, sports photography, commercial photography and am primarily a portrait photographer. I've been involved with several trade organizations. I've read many books and written newsletters on photography. I frequently attend seminars, always learning more tips and techniques..... Why do I tell you this?

  • It is not to impress you with all of my credentials.
  • It is to impress upon you that I've been lucky enough to obtain a ton of information about photography. That information is now for you to have. The age of digital photography is upon us.

    I named this site digital photo tips because film cameras are a thing of the past for most photographers. If you still shoot film, you don't need to take better digital photos, but you will still want to learn to avoid photo mistakes.

Many of the digital photography tips are good for film cameras too. Now, just about everyone has a camera phone, point and shoot camera or a digital SLR (digital single lens reflex camera). I've taken my share of blurry photos, underexposed photos and some photos with bad photo composition. I am going to guess that maybe you have too.

    This is your online photography course. I will be adding more tips for taking digital photography regularly. So, check back when you get a chance and click around.

Banner - Exciting Time for Digital Photography Education
Spacer for Digital Photo Tips Web Site
  • Yes, the most important digital photography tip on this entire website is to HAVE FUN With your Photography! Life is too short to turn your photography interest into a serious task.

You're going to find the answers to your questions and then some extra gems that will surprise you and help you shoot like a pro. So look around. The Digital Photograph Tips site is for your use. Keep your camera with you at all times. Develop a childlike curiosity. Take a lot of photos. With digital photography, you can always delete the bad photos. It doesn't cost you a thing. Experience is the greatest teacher of all.

The easiest way to find specific digital photography tips is to use the site map. I finally added a blog with digital photography tips as well.  I'll post when I can. Keep checking back because I'll be continuing to improve the give you more and more digital photography tips. That's photography tips for beginners, more advanced photographers, and camera tricks and special effects for everyone.

Enjoy the digital photography tips on my site and please share! Your willingness to share helps me a lot. Thanks!

Best wishes,

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