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Are you interested in Storm Photos? Are you amazed by the immense power and mystery of the weather and magnificent storms of all kinds?  I am, although I have very little experience with photographing thunder and lightning storms.

One of the most interesting storm photos becasue of the unique shape of the edge of the storm

One of the most challenging, but also most fascinating kind of nature photography to do is to take pictures of storms. It often takes some patience scouting the right location and timing your exposures just right.

cool photo of lightning storm

Both of these two sample images were emailed to me without any credits. I don't know who took them, but I think they both really capture the power of nature.

One of the best tips for taking nature photography is to always have your camera with you. Sometimes that's easier said then done.

I shoot professional portraits for a living and I use Canon DSLRs. I don't want to lug around large cameras and lenses, so I just recently bought a Canon G11.

It's a little too big to fit in most pockets, but quite a bit smaller than my Canon 5D and 20D. I really wanted the features and quality to get great nature photographs with the G11 that the pocket-sized, point and shoot cameras can't quite match.

The two most important features for me were the zoom lens and the ability to shoot in raw mode. Shooting raw gives me complete control on processing the images the way that I want. I can also go back and process them differently in I want to achieve a different effect.

Below, I've included a video of storm photos taken by Warren Faidley. If you can, watch and listen on a computer hooked up to a surround system. It is quite a magnificent way to view and enjoy nature photography when you are inside, safe, warm and dry.

You can also click the small "x" in the corner of the annoying ads at the bottom of the video window to get rid of them.

Often it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Like anything else, if you make it a point to constantly look for something, you will notice more opportunities to capture it with photography.

Our minds can only process a very tiny percentage of the visual information that is presented to us through our eyes. We all have the ability to "focus" (no pun intended) on capturing a certain kind of photography subject.

storm photos video:

Photography by Warren Faidley, a known, full-time storm chaser, journalist and weather adventurer.  His web site is  

WARNING:  Some of this storm photography is stunning!

Another one of the tips for taking digital photography is to learn a few basic rules of composition such as the Rule of Thirds in Photography.

Taking great storm photos could become a lifelong hobby in and of itself. We live on an amazing planet and digital photography has made it easier to capture a unique variety of nature photographs.

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