how much does a dslr cost

Entry level DSLRUsed DSLR Only $140

DSLR PRICES. How much a DSLR costs depends on two factors, the level of sophistication and quality and whether it's new or used.

This table shows you the average DSLR cost for entry level, prosumer, and professional DSLR cameras both new and used.

Data was collected from a variety of resources and averaged. Prices of DSLR cameras fluctuate as technology and market conditions frequently change too.


ENTRY NEW $350-$800
ENTRY USED $100-$300
PROSUMER NEW $900-$3500
PROSUMER USED $260-$1600
PRO NEW $3500-$6000
PRO USED $900-$4000

**DSLR Camera prices were researched and compiled from many sources, including, but not limited to, B+HPHoto, Adorama. eBay, Amazon,, Walmart, KEH, and BestBuy. 

DSLR Price ranges for new and used cameras

Here is a bar graph to show you the price ranges for both new and used DSLR cameras.

Cost of DSLR cameras infographicDSLR Cost Chart

The biggest takeaway I got from doing this research is the great bargains you can get on DSLR cameras if you're willing to buy used.

comparing Prices of new and used DSLR cameras

For new cameras, price comparisons are easy to use because each camera is in the exact same pristine, never-been-used condition. You're comparing apples to apples. 

With comparing prices with used cameras, there are several variables that come into play. It's virtually impossible to be super precise on used DSLRs because of the huge variation in 3 areas.

1. AGE. Anything older than 5 years, just in terms of technology, is considered obsolete, but that's a subjective term. Students in my workshops sometimes use cameras that were released more than 10 years ago and they're thrilled with using a DSLR instead of their new $1000 iPhone.

The older a model is the less value it has in the market. You can get the highest level pro cameras really cheap if there are several more recent upgraded versions on the market.

DSLR Price drop graphWithin a year of a new model release, "older" cameras drop in price.

2. PHYSICAL CONDITION. The DSLR cameras of pro photographers, particularly those that travel and shoot outdoors in the wild, may have quite a bit of cosmetic damage on the outside, but still be fully capable of taking 10s of thousands more quality photos. DSLR cameras can last a long time.

3. GRADING SYSTEM. Each seller might have their own grading system. A large used camera like KEH uses a system with grades completely different than eBay and Adorama. See the comparison below of grading system you'd get for determining appropriate prices for used DSLRs.


  • New
  • Like New
  • Like new minus
  • Excellent plus
  • Excellent
  • Bargain

EBAY used

  • New:
  • Open Box
  • Manufacturer refurbished
  • Seller refurbished
  • Used
  • For parts or not working:


  • N
  • D
  • E+
  • E
  • E-
  • V
  • G
  • F
  • X
  • OB

how to save money on a the cost of a dslr

Since I've updated this post, I've had a few more experiences and they've been nothing but positive in terms of the excellent quality of the used gear I've gotten from KEH.

My last three purchases of used gear have all been made through KEH.

I saved a lot of money by not buying new and the condition of equipment was simply perfect. KEH is a camera and lens retailer that specializes in used equipment.

list of Prices for new and used DSLR cameras

Here's a list of 10 typical prices for new and used DSLRs as the time of this post. The biggest take-away from this investigation is that you have a ton of choices for getting great bargain prices on a used DSLR (and lenses) if you so choose to go in that direction.

Canon t5i

Canon t5i

Nikon D750

Nikon D7500

Canon SL3

Canon SL2

Sony A850

Sony A77ii

Nikon D800

Canon 5D3





















how to find out what a DSLR camera is worth

Of course you can just search Google (or any other search engine like yahoo or bing) by simply typing in the specific model of camera and you'll immediately be greeted with several offers from sellers who've paid to have their offer show up on the search results page.

While researching data for this article I came across another good resource related to camera equipment  pricing. This includes much more than DSLR cameras. It's got a clever name: Bokeh Market. Simply type in the brand and model of your camera, lens or other gear and the database gives you a range of values.

If you're selling your DSLR with the idea of upgrading to a newer DSLR model, this site will be very helpful for you to use as a research too. Pretty cool, right? Here's the link to

why dslr cameras are so expensive

expensive Hasselblad digital cameraHasselblad Digital Camera
About $48,000.

The reason that DSLRs are expensive is because they contain parts that are made up of expensive materials. Camera sensors and processing hardware are highly developed examples of marvelous technology that require significant resources to manufacture and assemble in a precise manner.

Not counting the expense of lenses, the cameras themselves are really a sophisticated mix of computer software, hardware, research, and development that can produce extraordinary photographic images.

How much does a DSLR cost for beginners?

Even the entry level DSLR cameras have more than enough technology for the newbie photographer.

Brand new DSLRs, sold as complete kits with more than 1 lens included, can be had for less than $400.

Keep shooting, keep learning, keep improving

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