tips for better camera phone pictures

Using just a few tips on taking better camera phone pictures will help you enjoy your photos even more.

shield the camera phone lens

If the sunlight is hitting the lens directly, you'll get lens flare. This is a common photo mistake that is easy to avoid. Cellular phone are extremely light and easy to hold with one hand.

Use your other hand to block the sunlight from directly hitting your cell phone camera lens. Picture quality is poor when direct bright light hits your lens during exposure.

think sideways

Normal way to hold a flip cell phone for taking pictures

Turn you camera phone sideways to take a vertical photo.

You can rotate it later with your favorite photo editing software.

We are all in the habit of holding our camera upright like this

Sometimes a vertical ("portrait" composition) makes a better picture. Try both and see which composition you like better.

keep your cell phone camera lens clean

It's a very small lens on your phone, so even the smallest smudge or dust will effect the quality of your pictures. Using a cotton swab and lens cleaning solution is the best way to go. Be gentle because if you scratch the surface, your only solution would be a new phone.

get you cell phone camera close-up

Your Camera Phone has a limit to how close it will focus on your subject. You can try shooting with a close-up filter or some models have attachments. Close up photography, also called macro photography opens up an entire new world of photographic opportunities to take creative mobile phone pictures.

use your "shades"

If you have polarized lenses in your sunglasses, you've got yourself a valuable filter to enhance your pictures.

Polarizing Filter can reduce annoying reflections on water and other shiny objects. It will also make a blue sky look absolutely beautiful with your landscape photography.

Simply hold a clean lens of your sunglasses very close to your camera phone when you take your photograph.

start with a good cell phone camera

Thanks to technology, cell phone cameras have taken huge leaps in the potential quality of the photos we can create. Here is an article on choosing the Best Cell Phone Camera.

Combine these tips for better camera phone pictures with the tips and techniques in the other articles on taking digital photography and you're going to get some great photos.

Remember it's not the shape or size of the wand, but it's the skill of the magician.

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