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Fish-eye lens for cell phone camera

Many camera phone accessories simply don't make any sense.

A cell phone camera lens might be an exception to this statement. A specialty mobile phone lens may be a worthwhile accessory for you for several reasons.

The three main types of lenses are macro, telephoto and wide-angle with fish-eye lenses being included in the wide-angle category.

A macro lens attachment will simply allow you to get much closer to your subject, sometimes closer then a distance of one inch. Macro photography can be a lot of fun and literally opens a new world of possibilities for photography with a camera phone.

Macro photography brings with it a very small depth of field to work with so getting your subject in clear focus can be a challenge.

Also remember that when you are in quite close, even the slightest camera or subject movement is exaggerated and you can end up with blurry pictures. Tip: get as much light on your subject as you can and your macro photos will come out much sharper.

For some mysterious reason the telephoto lens is the least popular cell phone camera lens attachment in terms of the number of them purchased.

Telephoto lens for mobile phone  camera
If you really don't want to carry a traditional SLR camera or it's little sister, a point and shoot camera with a zoom lens, a telephoto lens for your mobile phone certainly is lightweight and easy to bring along anywhere.

Standard cell phone camera lenses are designed to be mild wide-angle lenses, so distant objects are simply too small.

Most of the telephoto lenses are sold within kits that include a tripod and a few other accessories and most are made for the iPhone.

They certainly look a bit funny, but who cares as long as you take advantage of its intended uses. Most of the telephoto lenses for mobile phone range from 6x up to 10x magnification.

The fish eye lens can give some really cool photos, but like the other two types, takes a bit of experimenting and practice to get some good images.

Example of photo taken with a fish eye lens and a cell phone camera

One of the nice characteristics with a fish eye lens is that everything is in focus. Fish eye lenses have a very deep depth of field, meaning everything close to and distant from your camera is within the range of sharp focus.

If you have a fairly high megapixel sensor and some decent lighting, you've got a good chance for a great photo.

quality of lens

Realize that the axiom that you get what you pay for is very true for just about piece of photography equipment you can buy. What you must remember is that with cell phone photography you already are working with a quality that is less than that of a point and shoot or digital SLR camera to begin with.

ease of use

Think it through before buying a cell phone lens. If you think it will be too awkward to use, you probably won't. Like any gadget, it should be at least somewhat easy to attach and should not be difficult to carry.

Some systems have a clamping apparatus to attach the lens to your mobile phone. This is more secure then some of the more suspect adhesive-magnetic attachments that may not be as functional or durable.

cell phone camera lens prices

The large majority of the cell phone camera lens systems are extremely affordable, so there really isn't much risk in buying one. For just a few dollars you can turn the limits of the standard lens built into your mobile phone and make it into a fun tool to experiment with digital photography.

The video below gives you a visual of what kind of change you get in view when you add one of these camera lenses to your mobile phone.

Youtube video showing the actual view you get with a wide-angle lens and a macro lens.

Finding the right lens to get some great photos also depends on having the right mobile camera in your phone to begin with. Here is an article on finding the Best Cell Phone Camera.

A great place to learn more about these lenses and other cell phone accessories is to read up on the reviews written by people who have purchased them. Mobile Phone Lenses on Amazon

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