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Seawall Acadia at duskRight click for free nature photo download download.
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You want to get some pictures of nature and heed a little help.You either need to know how to take your own great nature shots or find other images to copy and enjoy. 

We'll starting with how to download other's first, then help you with taking our own. 

Here's a 4-step method on how to download  nature photos.

  1. Decide on the specific type of nature photos.
  2. Visit the right websites with great pictures of nature.
  3. Download by one of two methods.
  4. Credit the photographer.

details on the 4  things to do for downloading nature photos

1. pick your nature interest

"Pictures of nature" is too broad of a topic to search for. Nature photos can include landscape, seascapes, skyscapes, macro photography, underwater, insects, wildlife, and birds, just to name a few.

iceberg nature pixabayImage by Enrique Lopez from Pixabay

If you are more specific when you're search for a certain kind of nature photography, you'll waste less time and are more likely to find the exact type of nature picture you want. I typed in "iceberg" in the search box on and downloaded the image above.

2. Use the best nature photo websites

There are literally thousands of websites on the internet that feature nature shots. Most of them are small individual collections by photographers showing their work. Most of these images are not allowed to be downloaded.

You want to download nature photos from the big websites that specifically allow for full-sized downloads of their images without payment. Some require a link back to their site if you want to copy or publish. Some ask for-but don't require-payment in the form of a small donation.

websites i download pictures of nature

The large majority of the photos you'll find on my website were taken by me-but not all of them. Sometimes I need a photo for one of my articles and I don't have what I need in my own collection. Here are the websites I use when I want to download a nature photo or other genre of photo. 

Notice any similarity between their home pages?

3. download the photo to your computer

Photo Pin Download sizesDownload size options at

You can either "right click" with your computer mouse or you can choose the download button made specifically for copying the image to your computer.

4. Give the nature photographer credit

Not only is it the morally right thing to do, sometimes it's a legal requirement that you give the credit to the photographer who took the photo.

You wouldn't want someone to steal or profit from your image without giving you credit. It follows then that you give credit to any pictures of nature that you download.

Many of these sites give you the opportunity to credit the photographer for the download by making a very small donation to the photographer and that's what I like to do.

Unsplash credit to photographer

downloaded nature photos

To give you an idea of the variety of nature shots you can find, I downloaded the following images for writing this post.

Downloaded Landscape PhotoPinPhoto credit: Foto Pau Alineación via photopin

A beautiful seascape, combined with boulders and the ocean, composed in an interesting way made this an attractive picture to be downloaded.  

The magical hours around both sunrise and sunset bring a treasure trove of photographic opportunities.

Seascape photography is one of the nature photography categories that is easiest for most beginning photographers to have fun with.

Yousef Espanioly did a great job of getting an overhead camera angle to get this interesting perspective of these plant leaves.

I find the colors to be  amazing in this photo. The photo's lighting really bring out the form and texture of these leaves.

Macro photography of nature is an entire world unto itself for subject matter. Get down and dirty on the ground and you'll grow as a photographer.

Plane leaves up closePhoto by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash

Blue heronPhotograph of Blue Heron by Matthew Hill

I love the simple composition of this magnificent blue heron in flight taken by Matthew Hill. The reflections on the water, highlighting the subject make it a unique nature photo.

In this composition Stephen Lawrence captured the very faint hint of sunlight caressing the rock wall of El Capitan and Three Brothers from the Tunnel View vantage point at Yosemite.

It was black and white nature photographer, Ansel Adams, that inspired me with his work when I was still a young boy.

why take pictures of nature

Our lives can be hectic and be stressful. We all know stress can be bad for both your emotional and physical well-being. It's been proven through many different medical studies that being close to nature-even if it's only by viewing pictures can relax us.

nature photography benefitPhoto by Bruce Lovelace

One specific study found that just looking at still images of nature is enough 'natural' stimulus to lower your stress levels. Researchers led by Vrije University Medical Centre in the Netherlands recruited 46 participants in an experiment designed to see how looking at images containing nature could settle a person's nerves.

Viewing great pictures of nature is the next best thing to being there in person. There's a surprising benefit you probably had no idea about. Did you know that just looking at still photos of nature will lower your stress level?

A team of researches, led by Vrije University Medical Center, designed an experiment to test whether participants received a real benefit from looking at images with various degrees of "greenery."

I use the work of other photographers to inspire me to improve my own photography skills and give me ideas on subject matter. Want to be inspired? Check out Art Wolfe's Books or Inspirational Nature Photos. Incredible images. 

moonSuper Moon by Bruce Lovelace

Looking at this photograph of the moon, I can almost hear the sound of distant werewolves howling in the cold night air. 

Tranquil picture of mirror lake

Kananaskis Country at it's best. Using reflections as part of your composition is a technique that works real well when you have a calm water surface.

Make sure to read up on all the tips for taking digital photography. Take advantage of all the article on digital photo tips and have fun shooting!

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