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Landscaped photograph using advanced tips in photography

This article on Advanced Tips in Photography is NOT going to cover specific tips on digital camera instructions, photography composition, exposure, or photography lighting.  

I am going to give you a proven 3-step method that you can apply to any area of your life you'd like to improve.

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If you are looking for photography tips on depth of field or the rule of thirds click these links. There are 3 specific tips for progressing toward advanced photography below.

You should understand at least the basic technical stuff that is relevant to the kind of photography you are doing. That includes understanding, and I mean really understanding the exposure triangle. You will want to be familiar with composition rules like the rule of thirds, as well as the 4 elements of light.

Make the basic elements of photography become secondary and automatic. This will enable you to concentrate on the creative side of photography.

This was always my big photography mistake for me early on in my photography career. I have attempted to evolve and become more of an artist. As a young boy, I was intent on learning about f-stops, shutter speeds and which chemical developing solution and photographic paper to use.

This was important to learn in those days because the cameras were simple and needed a knowledgeable photographer to get good photos. Having more of a scientific, logical, deductive kind of mind made the technical stuff come easy to me.

What I should have also been doing was developing my creative side as well. My favorite photography book was Creative Darkroom Techniques, a book from Kodak.

I was fascinated by burning and dodging techniques as well as the sabattier effect and modifying printing and developing processes. It was full of advanced photography tips pertaining to post-capture or after the photo was taken. I knew nothing about the rule of thirds in photography, or about balance, perspective or leading lines. I didn't know any talented photographers with advanced photography knowledge.

Here are the tips get to a mastery of advanced photography:

first of three - advanced tips in photography

Study a master. This web site has a wide variety of advanced digital photo tips as well as beginners photography tips. You can discover more by doing a little research on a master photographer who specializes in a certain technique or specific subject matter that really interests you.

Copy of Ansel Adam's Moon Rise Over Hernandez

Many would argue that Ansel Adams is perhaps the most well-known photographer of all time.

His love of nature and his advanced mastery of modifying film developing and printing made his work World renown.

If you have an interest in black and white nature photography, there could be no better place to start.

Would you like to be able to use some creative baby poses? Study the work of Anne Geddes. Just tap into some of the ideas she has and you are taking a step toward more advanced photography.

If you want to improve your portrait photography poses, maybe I can help. I wouldn't call myself a master, but I have learned a lot and provided a lot of tips for family portraits and individual posing here: Portrait Photography Tips.

second of the advanced tips in photography

Block off the time. To become a master or at least become an advanced photographer, it takes a little commitment. Block off some time where you will be UN-interupted for concentration and focus.  Even if it's only an hour a week to study a few photography tips, or view a few online photo galleries, it is very valuable to have that time committed to improving your photography.

Give yourself a written assignment and a deadline, as if you were in photography school. That's exactly what I did when I gave myself a photography assignment on close up photography: Macro Photography.

Then block off another hour to try and implement a few of those advanced techniques. Make it fun! Experiment a bit. Get your creative juices flowing. Make a few photo mistakes on the way.

final of the three advanced tips in photography

Have a PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. It has been proven that we humans act, feel and have more success if we at first imagine a better performance in our mind. The greatest pro athletes do this all of the time.

I am sure this may a bit "out there" for a few of you, but many studies have proven this works.  Have fun with this, but at the same time expect positive results in better picture taking.

Picture yourself taking a great photo, or learning an advanced photography tip. Visualize yourself as a creative talent. It may feel silly at first, but repetition is the mother of learning. Have a belief that there are great photographs everywhere, just waiting to be taken by you. Whatever you focus on, the more you focus on it, it will start to appear more often.

These advanced tips in photography are really tips for anything you want to accomplish in life. Studying from those that have already had success. Consistently committing time to the process. Nurturing the right attitudes and belief about your progress.

Creative Photo Techniques. This is the first article in a series on creative photography tips that involves using digital photo editing software. Making multi-exposure photos was one of the advanced tips in photography that I tried in the days of film photography and printing in the darkroom.

Happy Shooting!

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