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Have you made any photo mistakes?  I feel your pain, because I've taken my share of bad photos and made plenty of goofs relating to digital photography.  No worries, help is one the way.

7 common photo mistake fixes
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Here is a list of the most common photo mistakes people make. Below this list you will find detailed photography tips on how to avoid each of these photography blunders.

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blurry photo mistake

Blurry pictures and bad photo compositions are two of the biggest reasons why you are going to see a bunch of examples of bad photography.

Blurry Photos can occur from three main causes.

1. The first reason many photos come out blurry is movement. Either subject or of the camera moves during the exposure when the shutter is open. Sometimes it's only slight of motion and the photo is only a little unsharp. This is very common mistake amateur photographers make with photos.

"You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself."   - Sam Levenson

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2. The second blurriness problem is usually caused by accidentally fooling the camera's auto focus. You can learn how to trick the auto focus into working the right way for you.

3. The third cause of blurry photos is a dirty camera lens. For now, it's enough to just remind you to keep your lens surfaces clean.

How to Fix Blurry Photos

There are a few ways to combat blurry pictures caused by camera or subject movement.

A fast shutter speed will stop blurry photos from occurring whether it's from camera movement or from the subject moving during the exposure.

Try using a tripod or a monopod to stabilize your camera. Steadying the camera by bracing it against a stationary object will also help blurriness caused by movement.

If this is a big problem for you, get detailed help by going to an article titled Avoid Blurry Pictures.

Monopods are probably one of the most useful yet under-used pieces of photography equipment. You can avoid some of the blurry photo mistakes if you learn how to use a monopod.

Understanding how a camera's auto focus works will prevent blurry photos caused by focusing problems. Most auto focusing cameras use the center of the viewfinder to set the focus. Sometimes this is the wrong thing to do.

Take Charge of Your Camera's Focusing

Using the center-weighted focus mechanism can be a photo mistake

In the first photo above, the blue oval shows the area used to focus with a center-weighted focusing system. Photo 2 shows that the camera focused too far in the background because none of the the bears were included in the center focusing area.

In Photo 3, I aimed the focusing area at one of the bears first, pressed the shutter button halfway and then recomposed the picture before pressing the shutter button the rest of the way down. This "locked" the focus on my subject and resulted in a sharp, focused photo.

Keep it Clean, Please!

The third blurriness problem occurs when you have dirt, condensation or a smudge on your camera lens. Keep special lens tissue handy and use it carefully.

Your picture quality depends on the quality and condition of the lens. The light has to travel through your lens to get to the camera sensor.If you are shooting in cold weather, keep your camera warm.

A cold camera coming into warm moist air will cause lens fogging. Blowing your hot breath on the camera lens was actually a technique in the olden days for creating a soft focus effect intentionally.

Now if we want to soften the focus just a bit, we do it when we do our photo editing.

bad composition

Here is a good example of bad photo composition. I set my coffee mug on my work bench in my office. 

Example of Bad Composition

Simply by habit and without thinking, many photographers typically shoot pictures while holding their camera in a horizontal position. For this subject, this is Photo Mistake #1.

Another common mistake is not to fill your frame with your subject. The photograph on the right is a much better picture. The mug is vertical, so the vertical format looks much better.

Zooming in closer also eliminated the distracting sunlight on the table and eliminated the excessive space around the mug. Learn more about better Photo Composition.

choosing a bad photography background

Back Composition becasue of a very Distracting Background

This is photo mistake #3. 

This may be the most frequent photography mistake of all. Usually this is best handled by moving the camera or moving your subject to a different spot. In this photo of the dog, you can barely see her head.

There is poor visual separation of her head from the dark background.

In addition to that mistake, the green plastic and the wooden boxes are distracting in the background.

Learn how to look through your camera's view finder and observe the background in addition to just framing in your subject properly. Then, it's simply making an adjustment of your subject or your camera.

Corrected Mistake - Better background

Look how much better this looks than the one up above. Same dog. Same back yard, just a different background and better lighting.

The next mistake made by photographers, Red-Eye Reflections is very common.

red eye reflections

Red eye is caused by the reflection of light off the back surface of the eyeball. When it's dark, our pupils are dilated. This allows more light to enter the eye and reflect back out of the eye. This is a problem when the light is provided by the camera's flash. It reflects directly back to the camera at the same angle and appears red.

The blue line in the diagram below shows the light made by the camera's flash traveling to the subject. The red line is the reddish reflection from the eye heading back to the camera's sensor.

Diagram of Red-Eye and how it happens

How to get rid of Red Eye Reflections

  1. Don't use the camera's flash. It's too close to the lens.
  2. Get more light on your subject, so her pupils constrict. That's the theory behind those annoying "red eye reduction" pre-flashes. The red eye reduction camera setting may help a bit but, usually the main result of using that camera function is bad expressions on your subject's face.
  3. Turn on room lights if possible or move your subject closer to a window.
  4. Use an off-camera flash. This may not be possible with many point and shoot camera's. I use a professional bracket that raises the flash unit high above the camera. This changes the angle of reflection and I never have to worry about this photo mistake.

using the wrong camera setting

Setting the Camera Settings wrong is a Common Photography Mistake

This mistake is made when you don't understand what each camera setting does. Many people take the easiest route and choose Auto or Program. This is okay if you want to be like everyone else.

If you want to take better digital photos, then learn what the camera settings do. Reading the your specific camera instructions before you start shooting is the smart thing to do. It's the best photo tip I can give you. For more information, go to: Digital Camera Settings

Even professional photographers are guilty of making mistakes when taking pictures. I know I have made many. If you want to know what my worst camera mistakes have been, click here: My Photography Mistakes

Another way to avoid common photography mistakes:  Photography Books


Photo Mistake Pixelation

Pixelation isn't a real word but it does describe a typical photo mistake that amateurs make. 

Pixelation occurs when you try to print a big picture from a small file.

In my opinion, you should never, ever use anything but the highest quality setting on your camera.

You can always reduce the size of a photo when you are doing your editing. If you use a reduced quality setting on your camera, you are ruining what may be a great photo for enlarging later.

The photo on the right of my model shows a lower quality setting. I re-sized it to have the same dimensions of the high quality photo on the left. Clearly a mistake to use a low quality setting.

Avoid digital zooming. Digital zooming in the camera means you're only using a smaller part of your camera's sensor. Digital Zooming vs Optical Zooming.

bad photo exposure

The most common photo mistake involving exposure is usually underexposed images. The small built in flash units that come with point and shoot cameras are not very powerful.

Depending on those wimpy, under-powered flashes to get a good exposure can be a mistake. Camera accessories, like good Photography Lighting Equipment will take care of under-exposure.

In the under-exposed image below, the camera's auto-exposure mode was fooled by the very bright sky light and under-exposed the inside of the conservatory.

Undere-exposure Mistake From Using Auto-Exposure Mode

Once you get basic understanding of shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings, everything will start to make sense to you. Reading other articles about lighting on this digital photo tips web site will help too. Learn more about Photo Exposure..

Even the pros make common photo mistakes occasionally. Paying attention to how these mistakes are made will help you become a better photographer. Learning from your own mistakes is the best way to learn anything.

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One way to avoid the mistake of bad exposure is to use your camera's histogram. What is a histogram you ask. Find out more by clicking on What is a Histogram?

Another big photography-related mistake is using a bad photo for your LinkedIn profile picture.  Here area a few simple, but very important Tips for LinkedIn Photos.

Also related are the LinkedIn Photo Mistakes people make and how many LinkedIn members don't even realize how much it's costing them to have a bad profile picture.

Explore this digital photo tips web site for answers to all of you questions on how to stop making mistakes and learn how to take better pictures.

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