more portrait poses for children

This article is about more portrait poses for children. When you have a cooperative child, you can give them gentle directions on what to do and get great portraits.

Portrait pose of a standing child

This standing pose is a great way to show off this young girl's beautiful Christmas dress.

I had her stand close to the tree, but not directly in front of it.

Many of the portrait photography tips involve carefully watching the background.

We placed the poinsettias behind her on the left to create balance with the tree on the right.

I gentle directed her to hold her finger tips together.

Posing your subject with his or her arms hanging straight down at their sides is not a great way to pose anyone. That's definitely a very common photo posing mistake.

Posed portrait of a child with arms bent

This portrait pose on the right is actually one I use for high school senior photography.

Her body is aimed to the camera's left, but her head is turned back to the camera's right.

Shooting from an angle slightly above her makes her eyes appear big and beautiful.

This photo and the next one below were taken in the foyer of the home, with the front door behind me.

The light coming through the glass storm door behind me was the only source of Photography Lighting.

Pose of child with garland background

I change my digital camera setting to a very high ISO setting to get a good exposure.

I had my little female model stand on the third step in this pose.

She was just the right height to be framed in nicely by the diagonal of the garland traveling up the railing.

Two of the lights from the Christmas tree on the other side of the steps can be scene in the background.

Another portrait photography tip I frequently give is to have fun while taking your photos.

This is specially true with children who will feed off your emotions.

Pose of child leaning

final comment on more portrait poses

The final tip on portrait poses for children is to be aware of the height of the camera.

Lowering or raising the camera creates a completely different perspective of your subject.

In this pose, I lowered my tripod down to her eye level.

I had her stand behind a lounge chair and lean onto the arm of the chair.

I moved my camera to include a bit of the stocking on the left and the lights on the railing behind her to creative a festive feeling to the portrait.

Look for more articles on more portrait poses for individual adults and groups on the main portrait photography tips page.

I usually shoot portrait poses using a wide aperture to intentionally blur the background. For more on blurring the background go to Blur the Background.

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