three simple ways to improve your photography creativity

Searching for inspiration? Here are 3 simple ways to improve your photography creativity.  Maybe your tired of shooting the same old subject.

go for a walk

According to a study done at Stanford by a doctoral graduate and a professor creative thinking goes up while walking as well as shortly after.  This result is true whether it's inside or outside in any environment.

The study showed that walking was also good for brainstorming.  If you want to come up with some creative ideas for interesting photographs, go for a walk.

Link to Stannford study on walking and photography creativity.

simple way #2 to improve your photography creativity

Use the web to look at other photographer's work.  After you're done your walk, tap into the ridiculously large and constantly growing on-line world for imitativeness.

find inspiration in photography by taking a walk

This one may be the reason you found this article.  Perhaps it's a statement being made by Captain Obvious here, but use the web to find some photography creativity.

The key is not to commence your search randomly but rather do it in an organized fashion.  If you are like me at all, you can easily find yourself on a web site unrelated to the subject your original search was intended to find.

The best way to investigate is to have a theme or genre to explore and stick with it.  That theme could be a specific type of photography like macro photography or landscape photography.

You can also do a real specific image search on Google like "creative tree photography."  A great way to force yourself into creative photography is to give yourself a self assignment such as "365 consecutive days of self portraits," or look for letters of the alphabet to photograph each day.

Make a list of subject matter, or a type of photography, or focus in one one photographer's work and study the style he or she shoots.

 You can also search a give location or country and check out the photographs there. When I can fit it in my schedule, I get inspired by traveling to photography locations. I created a few inspirational nature photos as a result of a few photo excursions.

buy a good photography book

When I was a photography student, one of the books that really got my creative juices flowing was the American Showcase of Photography, Illustration and Graphic Design.  The publisher came out with new versions every year and the quality and visually interesting images was at an extremely high level.

This was before the age of digital manipulations and I would often look at many of the photographs and try to figure out how they created the photo.

I reviewed a few of the really good digital photography books and shared my thoughts about them.  

You can also come across more ways to improve your photography creativity by searching an on-line book retailer like Amazon. Amazon has a huge list of photo books to supercharge your mind.

Creative Photography Book Reviews on Amazon

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