how to take horse pictures
how to photograph horses

Photo of a horse getting upTaken with 400mm f/5.6 prime lens

It's a lot of fun to discover how to take horse pictures. I was able to photograph this horse just after he enjoyed a roll on his back and was starting to stand up. As with most kind of photography, a little planning before you go will help you get better photographs.

These  images are from a recent shoot for a client of mine who divides her time between painting and caring for her herd of horses, donkeys and ponies.

Horse photo backgroundGet the background behind
your horse just right.

1. choose your horse location carefully

Location, location, location. Look for the best spot that will have a good pleasing uncluttered background. Keep moving around until you get the best shot.

It's easy to see a great looking horse, take its photo and realize you've included a distracting background. It's a common photo mistake that I've made plenty of times.

2. have patience for the right photo opportunity

Cuddling horsesCuddling Horses

Look for a special moment when you can capture something unique. The more time you spend around the horses means the higher potential you get of getting a great photo.

You can shoot away and get many boring shots of a horse standing still, doing nothing and no story told.

My horse farm owner told me how affectionate these two horses are, so I waited until they were cuddled close together to get this picture.

3. be respectful on how to take horse pictures

Never trespass on private property without permission first or put yourself in a dangerous situation. Whenever you are doing location photography it's the polite thing to ask first. Sometimes it's not possible if no one is around, but asking first, with a smile is always the best thing to do.

Horses nose to noseNose To Nose Horses

I've had the pleasure of taking pictures of these animals several times and it is always an enjoyable experience.

Although I am not afraid, I know to proceed with caution, without sudden movement and not to come up from behind a horse and startle him.

You can also get some great inspiration on how to take good horse pictures by getting a good book on horse photography.  If you are big fan of horses and photography, I think you will enjoy visiting another site as well.  It's called Best Horse Photos.

4. have the right photography equipment

The Best Camera for photographing horses

DLSRs and the new mirrorless cameras give you less of a delay when you press the shutter button. Point and shoot cameras and cell phone cameras have what's called shutter delay

Using a slow responding camera means you have more chance of missing to capture your horse photo at just perfect moment. Cameras that have a viewfinder that you can look through, rather than an LCD to compose your photo, are easier to use when you're outside and it's bright


The Best Lens

When I am walking among the animals, I shoot with a 24-105mm zoom lens on my Canon DSLR. This gives me close focusing ability as well as being able to go wide angle and include more scenery in my composition.

When I am doing more distant photography, I attach my 70-200mm lens to bring my subject in closer and eliminate too much scenery as background behind the horses.

Avoid the Big Mistake When Taking Photos of Horses

Two mistakes were made when this horse photo was taken

I included this horse photo to show you 2 common photography mistakes, composing with a bad background and shooting where the lighting is bad. Look at this horse photo.

Notice how the outline of the horse and rider lines up with the trees. Because of the back lighting, it's hard to see the main subject of the photograph.

Reading a few other tips on taking digital photography on this site or another will also help you learn how to take horse pictures. Remember to have a blast as you experiment and learn new photography techniques. For more on avoiding common photo mistakes, you may want to read: Avoid Common Photo Mistakes.

p.s. I came across this photo taken by seriousfun on morguefile and wanted to share it with you. Having a long telephoto lens like a 300mm zoom makes long distance photography possible and makes it easier to take better horse pictures like this.

Serious action going on in this picture of racing horses

What's the best lens to use to get great horse photographs?  It really depends on the situation.  I recently got a new 400mm telephoto lens that is great when you can't get very close to your subject.

Learning how to take horse pictures is a completely different animal (sorry i couldn't resist) than other types of photography.  Yes, it still involves an understanding of lighting, composition, and background control.

Horses have a unique quality that can be captured when you know a little bit about their behavior and personality.

Watch less TV. Shoot more photos of horses.

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