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Shark Tank cameras - Facebook owns you - Your shadow
May 19, 2015

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Sorry, I've been so negligent in giving you what you asked for. I've been busy shooting holy communions, weddings, and anniversaries. But, I'm back.

Shark Tank stars favorite cameras

Have you ever watched Shark Tank? These successful entrepreneurs don't lack on confidence or sharing their opinions.

I watch the show quite a bit and enjoy their unique and contrasting personalities. Here's the link:

Shark Tank stars favorite cameras

Facebook owns your photos

I was shocked when I read an article on Facebook's policy on YOUR photos that YOU upload:

Pitfalls of posting your photos on Facebook

Creative challenge

It's always a great exercise to focus on a theme to follow and just go out there and create some interesting photos.

This kind of exercise improves your level of photography and it's a lot of fun to try something new.

We revisit an old article and I extend the invitation to you:

Have fun with your shadow

Have a blast!

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