Using a Tripod-Monopod Combination on a Scooter Rider

Unipod-Tripod Combination

Unipod-Tripod Combination

"I have to ride a scooter when taking photographs - a passion of mine. I find a full tripod difficult to use as I have to stick to walkways and good pathways or smooth grass. Often it just too crowded so I do not bother with the tripod and end up with shaky pictures. A merged tripod would give me more stability than a straight monopod and the feet would fit under the side of the scooter letting me get really close to the electronic viewfinder without leaning too much. I never leave my camera on a tripod when travelling so if the weight of the camera is too great I am there to hold. Definitely going to give it a try."

Thanks for your contribution to the Better Digital Photo Tips Site! Please let us know how you make out when you give the merged monopod-tripod a try.


Tripod-Monopod Ideas

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