pose of 4 sisters

Portrait: group pose of 3 female cousins

Portrait: group pose of 3 female cousins

I photographed this family about 10 years ago when the children were young, so it was fun for me to return and do a variety of group poses for them.

We usually do a variety of group poses and this pose was of the 3 girl cousins. It is a subtle "U" pose.

If you connect their heads with an imaginary line the line would be in the shape of a shallow letter U.

Women often are not comfortable with having their entire bodies show and this is a good way to focus your photo on their head and shoulders.

The colors were planned ahead of time-dark solids minimize our attention toward the clothing. We focus our attention on the faces in a portrait.

I found a spot in the house that had a fairly neutral color and few busy distractions. I carry adjustable posing stools in my photo van and they are great for tweaking poses to get them just right.

I almost always use a Tripod so that I can watch my subjects as I make the exposures.

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