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It is my intention for you to get better at taking and editing photographs.

The related links below are to other photography information sources for you to use and enjoy.

This photography site is named better digital photo tips. Film cameras are used by only a few die-hard photographers who are striving for that specific look of film.

This site covers cameras, lenses, and accessories. There are hundreds of posts on photo composition, digital photo editing, camera settings, portraits, lighting, portrait posing, portrait ideas, clothing for portraits, black and white photography tips, photography definitions and techniques, photo exposure and much more.

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photography definitions

Photography Definitions.  An extensive list of over 200 terms and their definitions and meanings that are related to digital photography.  Many of the definitions have links to more extensive posts about the subject.

It's a great time to be interested in photography. We are a visual society and the tools and information available to you are only a few clicks away. Whether you're looking for simple step-by-step ways of improving your photos or seeking out advice on camera gear, you can find answers to your questions right here.

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Nature Photography.  Articles about nature photography that are on this Digital Photography Tips web site

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