My Samsung Galaxy S 4G 5MP camera does not capture very good photo while it is 5MP, what to do???

by Sensation

"My Samsung Galaxy S 4G 5MP camera does not capture very good photo while it is 5MP, I have tied with different scene modes and auto focus as well but it does not capture very good image while resolution is 2592 Pixels. Can you please guide me how to take better picture with my 5 MP android phone with tap to focus?? Advance Thanks.

This is a great question Sensation! The answer lies partly in what we refer to as the Megpixel Myth. Surely, the number of megapixels is a factor when choosing what camera to use for you photos. More important though is the size of the individual pixels and of the sensor.

Technology and manufacturing methods have leaped dramatically, allowing camera manufacturers to squeeze more pixels onto smaller sensors. This is a definite improvement over the 1 or 2 megapixel sensors that were routinely put into cell phones a few years ago.

The problem is that the individual pixels are so small that they don't collect the light as well as bigger individual pixels. Sharpness and detail are sacrificed.

In 1999, when the best digital cameras were only 1.2 or 2 MP, each megapixel really mattered if you were making bigger prints.

My first digital SLR camera was a Olympus E10 and it only had a 4.0 megapixel sensor. Because the individual pixels and the size of the sensor were larger, I got great quality photos.

That camera also had a high quality lens and full range of camera adjustments. I could print 16x20s with great sharpness and detail even though it only had 4.0 megapixels.

The software and the sensors have improved dramatically with cell phones but there are still limitations. There are still several things you can do to improve your digital photography while using a cell phone camera.

The three most important tips to follow for better cell phone photos are

1. Keep your camera and your subject as steady as possible steady. Even the smallest movement in your camera will hurt the sharpness of your photo because of motion blur caused by the slower shutter speeds of cell phone cameras.

2. Fill the frame as much as possible with your subject. Use all of the sensor so that you won't have to crop it for printing or posting on the internet.

3. Get us much light on your subject as possible. Low light photography is one of the worst enemies of quality, especially for sensors with small pixels on their sensors.

Here are more tips in this article Cell phone camera tips.

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Feb 14, 2012
Great Photography Frustrations
by: Anonymous

This is a common photo mistake people make, thinking that more megapixels always means better quality.

The size of the sensor, the quality of the lens, and the skill of the photographer in knowing how to compose and light each photograph are all very important to get great photos.

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