half part of the picture was black

by uma sanker
(srikakulam,andhra pradesh,india)

High Speed Flash Sync or Slower Shutter Speed Needed

High Speed Flash Sync or Slower Shutter Speed Needed

when take photos at f/5.6 and shutter speed 300 and iso is 100 the picture was half part is blak. I don't know why this is happen please help me.

Hi Uma,
Thanks for your question to Better Digital Photo Tips

Your camera has a focal plane shutter, literally a curtain that travels across the film plane.

When using very fast shutter speeds (like 1/300 second) the shutter opening is smaller than the entire frame when the flash is firing.

The solution is to use a slower shutter speed to allow the flash to fire at the instant when the shutter window is fully open.

Depending on the make and model of your camera, 1/125 second may be the fastest shutter speed you can use to guarantee a full synchronization with the firing of the flash.

A second solution is to use "high speed" flash sync where the flash actually fires several times in very rapid succession to insure the entire frame gets exposure from the flash.

You may find this article helpful: High Speed Flash Sync Explained

Hope that helps. I don't know what camera you are using-so you'll have to find out how to set for high speed flash sync from your camera or external flash's manual.

Good Luck.
Have fun!

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