beginners photography tips

Want  a few quick beginners photography tips? Are you a newbie photographer?

There is so much to learn it can get overwhelming. It can be challenging to know where to start.

Remember when you were in school. Your favorite subject was the easiest to learn. If you have an attitude that you are going to have fun while learning, it will be easier and fun.

Make Beginners Photography FunHave a Blast as You Learn Basic Photography Tips

Make sure you have fun!  There's a ton of information on this web site to learn. Enjoy the process. Photography is supposed to be enjoyable. If you're having fun, learning digital photography is a whole lot easier.   

I have provide specific examples in each article on this web site to make it more of a series of Digital Photography Free Tutorials rather than a general information source.

It can be overwhelming at first, when you are just a beginner. Take your time. I have been learning photography for over 40 years. I still make common photo mistakes. I am still learning how to take better digital photos. There is so much to discover, but you can acquire skills in anything you want if you develop a burning desire.

the top 4 beginners photography tips

Use the Instruction Manual - It may not be exciting, but it's a smart way to begin your photography

1. Find out how your camera works Sit down at your table, have your camera ready and read the camera instructions that came with the camera. If you're like me, the last thing you want to do is take the time to read the camera instructions. The truth is that if you do your homework first, you will learn better photo taking techniques quicker.

If you don't have printed camera instructions, go to your camera manufacture's web site and see if it's available online. Try out the different camera settings as you read. Have fun and play a little. See how the different camera settings affect how your camera works.

Make sure you know how to load a memory card if your camera has one. Learn how to change the batteries. Always, and I repeat always have fresh spare batteries with you. There is nothing more frustrating than having a photo opportunity and not being able to take a great photo because your batteries are dead.

2. Good Photo Composition. When you are learning beginners photography, there are several rules of composition to follow. The rule of thirds is a great one to learn first. It is a photo tip on where to place the center of interest in your photograph. It's such a good beginning photography tip I devoted an entire page to the rule of thirds.

Another idea is to try composing your photo while using diagonal lines to create interest. I use diagonal lines quite a bit with nature photography.

As a beginner, try to use diagonals in your composion to get good practice at a well known technique

In the photos above, the edge of the ice, the slab of rock, the young girls legs, the horses neck and nose, and the fence create a little visual interest as diagonals. 

Compose your picture by holding your camera to shoot both horizontally ("landscape") and also by holding your camera vertically ("portrait.") Remember with digital photography, you can easily erase your bad photos.

Another photo composition trick for beginner photographers to learn is the use of "Leading Lines."Leading lines are often diagonals. Sometimes they may be straight and sometimes they are curved.

What they do is lead your eye into the photograph because your eye naturally follows the line. Just be careful to not use a line that takes your eye out of the photograph by mistake. In both of the nature photos below, our eyes follow the paths into the photographs.

In the snow scene, the path was formed naturally on the surface of a frozen pond shortly after a snow storm. It has a pleasant "S" curve shape. In the Fall scene to the right, the path is a man made stone path that creates the great leading line.

Another good beginners tip is to use leading lines in your composition

3. Discover basic Photo Lighting. This can be a bit more challenging when you are a beginner photography student. First learn to see what direction the natural light is coming from. Next, you will see if it is more of a direct light or is it reflecting off of something. Is it producing soft shadows or distinct harsh shadows.

Is it illuminating your subject in a pleasing way? Try moving your camera to a different spot for better lighting. Is it possible to use a fill flash or a reflector to add some fill light? Check out the Photo Lighting lesson at the Take Better Digital Pictures page.

4. Be Prepared. This is the simplest photo tip for beginners in photography. It sounds easy, but it takes 30 days of trying a new behavior to turn it into a habit. Review these 4 photo tips briefly and then explore any one of them in more detail.

Keep a camera handy at all times. If you do, you will have many more chances to take great photos. The more you focus on the idea of creating great pictures, the more your mind will find subjects to photograph.

Have the right equipment too. If you are in a low light situation you may have to use a slow shutter speed. You can void getting blur by using one of the Benro Monopods or Benro Tripods.

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This article on beginners photography tips just touches on 4 things to start with. Explore this web site with a super-charged appetite for photography!

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