use silhouettes for sunset photos 
how to make your photos of sunsets more spectacular

Face it.  Many sunset photos tend to look very much the same.  

How would you like to make your sunset photos stand out from the crowd?

Try to jazz them up a bit with this simple idea.  Use silhouettes for sunset photos to give them a a lot more visual appeal to your viewers.

Look for a composition that includes some interesting foreground in it.

Taken from the recently re-built 12th street bridge fishing peer, this photo was taken hand held without a tripod.  I thought the unique textures of the 5 oval-shaped clouds was kind of interesting to photograph.

It wasn't quite the rule of thirds, but I did want to keep the horizon low in the composition to put the emphasis on the sky even though the reflections in the water were nice too.

Watch less TV

Shoot more photos.


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