So Fast I left My Shadow Behind

by Selfie Shooter
(Glassboro NJ)

Shoes and Shadow Self Portrait

Shoes and Shadow Self Portrait

I was chasing after 3-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt so fast to photograph him in action that I left my shadow behind.

No, not really, but the Brazil summer Olympic games just concluded so I figured I'd use that to come up with a comment on the photo.

I did not come up with this idea for a shadow selfie myself. I've seen variations of this idea on several occasions, so I figured I'd have a little phun (That's how you spell FUN PHOTOGRAPHY: phun)

I used a simple 5-step process to create this image.

Body-less Shadow Selfie

1. Find an empty parking lot early or late in the day when the sun is closer to the horizon.
2. Set up your tripod and camera on self timer mode.
3. Take your first selfie photo with your shadow falling back toward your camera.
4. Carefull step out of your shoes without them moving at all, walk back to your tripod and take a second photo.
5. Combine the two photos in software(I used Photoshop) and "erase" your body so that only your shoes and shadow remain.



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