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Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter Release

I did a search for "selfie stick reviews" on Google, hoping to find a good source of reviews on this increasingly popular accessory (also known as selfie monopods) for taking selfies.

I am a Google Geek and often do several keyword searches when I am looking for information on just about anything.

Here is a screen shot of the results I got on 12/16/2014.

results of the selfie stick reviews search

Google results for search on selfie stick reviewsGoogle results for search on selfie stick reviews

When I am researching products I like to research several vendors to see who has the most reviews and for the most part Amazon has the most for a large variety of products.  Not including the paid advertisements I visited the sites to check the numbers and read the reviews while I was there.

1. Surprisingly enough, the top result was not a link to a traditional product page, but rather to an article on the b+hphotovideo site.  I searched their site for selfie sticks through their product search function and got 5 results with a combined 18 reviews.

2.  The second result was for a Youtube video on one specific selfie monopod and the third result was for a company called that makes about a dozen techie clamps and arms, one of which is specifically for taking selfies.

The istabilizer appears to be very well designed and made, based on its steeper price tag and 79 reviews, almost all of which were 5-star reviews.

3.  Amazon was there for the 4th and 5th spots in the search for selfie sticks.  I visited the "cell "phone accessories" category on Amazon and the number of results were staggering.  There were 133 pages of results, with 27 different products on each page.

I am sure that not all of those results were actually sticks, but I did check each of the first 10 pages of results and they were all selfie monopods.

No matter where you do your actual shopping, is the undisputed king when it comes to reading selfie stick reviews

On the first page of results the 27 sticks listed had a combined 1893 reviews.  Taking away the duplicate items that sometimes appear on the same page with Amazon searches, there were still over 1300 reviews.

Reading a large number of reviews is a great way to learn about the features and advantages, as well as the negative issues that come along with buying and using products.

Results like these are why I became an Amazon prime member quite a while ago.  I like the free two-day shipping on so many of the products and I like to be able to research products thoroughly before buying.

Link to more information about Amazon Prime

Have a blast taking selfie photos!


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