Pictures of the Elderly

Pictures of the elderly-black and white

Each of these pictures of the elderly reveal an aspect of the subjects personality.

The character lines that old people develop as they age add a uniqueness to their faces.

Getting old is something many of us will experience, yet the elderly are often not appreciated.

Our western society overvalues smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

Pictures of the elderly-crying woman

When you look at photos of old people, remember that there is a little kid in all of us.

Black and white photography has an emotional impact on pictures of the elderly.

This tearful photo of this woman is not a photo that will induce a warm fuzzy feeling when you view it.

Genuine emotions were captured when it was taken.

This is okay provide the photo is not demeaning in any way.

Pictures of the elderly-woman

Note the feeling you get from viewing the black and white photos.

Now look at the color images below. It is a completely different effect.

That's why its so important to decide if you want to have color in your photograph or not.

I love the innocent look of this woman in the picture on the left.

There is such an honestly about her eyes.

The looking up perspective was created because the camera was higher than the subject.

Pictures of the elderly-colorful

This is a good angle to use to have the eyes appear full and round to the camera.

The various splash of colors of this woman's clothing help create a very pleasant composition.

Solid colors are less distracting than stripes and plaids.

I picked these 6 photos of old people after looking at hundreds of photographs. The all convey different emotions.

Pictures of the elderly-smiling

The internet has opened a huge vault of humanity to each one of us.

The ability to share photos of any person or any place in the world with any person in any other place in the world is amazing.

The planet has become so much smaller.

Hopefully this new level of communication can lead to more peace among all who inhabit the earth.

Pictures of the elderly-man with beard

This photo of the white-haired, bearded man forces us to interpret his emotion by studying his eyes.

His facial hair hides his mouth from us.

Can you guess what he is thinking?

These unique pictures of the elderly remind us to appreciate the diversity in mankind.

If we were to view each one of these individuals as babies, would they look as different?

Pictures of Senior Citizens. More sample photos and some photography tips on lighting and composition when taking pictures of senior citizens.

Black and White Photography Portrait. More thoughts and direct comparisons on why black and white photography is the best choice for photos of old people.

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